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==What are "Adult" Regions, groups, events, and classifieds?==
The '''Adult''' designation applies to Second Life® Regions that host conduct or display content that is sexually explicit or intensely violent, or depicts illicit drug use. Any Region must be designated '''Adult''' and therefore [[Linden Lab Official:How to become verified as an adult|require account verification]], if it advertises or publicly promotes the following:
* Representations of intensely violent acts, whether or not photo-realistic (for example, depicting death, torture, dismemberment or other severe bodily harm)
* Photo-realistic nudity; photo-realistic means that an image either is or cannot be distinguished from a photograph
* Expressly sexually themed content, spaces or activities (whether or not photo-realistic); we will broadly define what is "sexually themed" to include any sexually oriented activities and conduct
Groups, event listings and classified ads that reference these themes or content must also be designated '''Adult'''. Linden Lab will enforce these rules. However, we can't monitor all ephemeral content and conduct within Second Life. We will therefore rely on several factors in implementing these '''Adult''' designation requirements:
# First and foremost, Regions, groups, and event or classified ad listings that employ search tags plainly suggestive of adult behavior or content will require the respective '''Adult''' designation, and not be viewable to Residents who are not account verified.
# Second, we will conduct proactive monitoring and rely on abuse reports that identify adult content or conduct that is promoted or advertised publicly. Where adult content or conduct on a Region is publicly advertised or promoted, that Region must be designated as '''Adult''' (or such content must be removed). We will re-designate such Regions if adult content is not removed.
# We may take into account whether apparent or reported adult content or conduct on a particular Region serves only an extremely limited or passive function, or an important educational or cultural function, and therefore would be appropriate for all Second Life audiences.
# As with all reported activity in violation of our policies, we will actively review all reports of adult conduct and provide Residents with a channel for rebuttal.
In the FAQs below, we offer examples as to what types of Regions are and are not considered adult, based on, for example, distinctions between "public" and "private" content, as well as distinctions between content that is "expressly sexually themed" and content that is not. Linden Lab has created a special-use "Adult Continent" -- a "mainland" alternative where adult content and activities can be located and found by Residents. Landowners wishing to host adult activities or make available adult content can either
* Locate on this Adult Continent
* Locate on a Region that has been designated by its owner as '''Adult'''
Region owners are responsible for designating a Region's maturity level. Occupants of Regions will be expected to locate in a Region suitable to each occupant's content and conduct.
==What are "Mature" Regions, groups, events, and classifieds?==
Second Life's '''Mature''' Designation is intended to accommodate most of the non-adult activities that are common in Second Life. For instance, social and dance clubs (unless those clubs promote sexual conduct or use adult search tags), bars, stores and malls, galleries, music venues, beaches, parks (and other spaces for socializing, creating, and learning) all support a '''Mature''' designation so long as they don't host publicly promoted adult activities or content.
Thus, Residents in these spaces should expect to see a variety of themes and content. For instance, stores that sell a range of content that includes some "sexy" clothing or objects can generally reside in '''Mature''' rather than '''Adult''' Regions. Dance clubs that feature "burlesque" acts can also generally reside in '''Mature''' Regions so long as they don't promote sexual conduct, such as through pose balls (whether in "backrooms" or more visible spaces). However, if any of these businesses uses adult-oriented search tags, it may be categorized as adult and also blocked from appearing in non-adult search.
Groups, events and classifieds that relate to this broad range of activities and themes generally should also be designated as '''Mature'''.
==What are "PG" Regions, groups, events, and classifieds?==
There are some landowners and Residents who desire a Second Life experience distinct from the activity that occurs in '''Mature''' and '''Adult''' Regions. Region owners who wish to host this sort of Second Life experience can (but need not) designate their Regions as '''PG'''. A Region may be designated '''PG''' if it does not advertise or make available content or activity that's sexually explicit, violent or depicts nudity. Likewise, sexually-oriented objects such as "sex beds" or poseballs may not be located or sold in PG regions.
As we've also often said, PG regions are areas where you'd feel free to say and do things that you'd be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother, or a grade school class. Institutions such as universities, conference organizers, and real world businesses, for instance, may wish to designate their Regions as '''PG'''. Likewise their users (and others) may wish to employ Second Life's PG search setting to deliver further targeted search results.
If you're unsure whether your region is PG or mature, or feel there's some ambiguity as to whether your content and activities are allowed in PG regions, it's probably best to designate your region as '''Mature'''.
Please refer to [[Linden Lab Official:Adult-oriented content controls FAQ|our FAQs]] for further guidance on the implementation and enforcement of this policy, information on our account verification procedures, and information on how we will transition our Region owners and merchants to this system in an efficient way.
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