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This article answers some general frequently asked questions about Private Regions (islands).

In general, Private Region ownership is an excellent choice for Residents who:

  • Wish to enjoy land ownership separate from the ever-changing Second Life mainland
  • Want to build and control a Second Life experience without adjacent neighbors
  • Require more land controls than those provided on the mainland
  • Want to name the Region their land is in

How much will it cost?

Read the quick FAQ covering Private Region and Estate billing and ownership here.

We offer a discount to verified real-world educators and academic institutions (i.e. universities and schools) or 501(c)3 non-profit organizations that will be using the Regions to support their organization's official work; see this article for details. All educational and non-profit Estate orders can be placed from the Special Order page.

How long will it take?

Orders for new Private Regions placed through the Land Store may be filled as quickly as 30 minutes, depending on hardware availability and other factors.

Can I have a custom design?

To load your own custom terrain, you can upload a .raw file in the Region/Estate window. There are specific parameters for this - please see the .RAW File Format article for further help.

What can I name my Private Region?

See the Guidelines for Private Region Naming.

How do I place an order?

The easiest and best way to place and order is through the Land Store. If you have problems using the land store, you can contact the Concierge. All educational and non-profit Private Region orders can be placed from this order page.

What if I don't want my Private Region anymore?

You have a couple of options:

  • You may transfer ownership of the Private Region to another Resident. This requires both you and the buyer to enter Support tickets with certain details about the transaction. See the Private Region Transfer FAQ for more details on the transfer process, cost, and timeframe.
  • You may abandon your Private Region to Linden Lab. There is no fee to do so. No refunds will be given, and you will have the use of your region until the end of the current billing cycle. You need to notify the Concierge staff of your intention by submitting a ticket.
  1. In the Ticket Type dropdown, select Land and Region Issues.
  2. In the Region Request dropdown, select Region is down.
  3. In the Details field of the ticket, please include the Region name and its next billing date.

You can see billing dates and fees for all of your Private Regions at the Land Portal. If your Private Region fees are invoiced, you can see the date your billing cycle ends by logging into your Netsuite account.

KBnote.png Note: If your next billing date falls within 5 business days of when you submit the ticket, please notify Concierge by phone or chat, so that you will not be billed automatically. Provide your ticket number in that conversation.

When your ticket is processed, you'll receive a response indicating that the Region will be taken offline on its next billing date, and that you will not be charged any further maintenance fees. Please pick up or return any content on the Region; any inventory remaining on the billing date will be deleted.

Can I transfer my Private Region?

Yes. See the Private Region Transfer FAQ for more details on Estate and Private Region transfer.

Can I sell a parcel on my Private Region to someone else?

Yes; parcels can be sold to other residents, but you remain responsible for the monthly payments. You can make arrangements for these new parcel owners to pay you for use of the Private Region, but that's between you and the other residents. Many Private Region owners use the Private Region's Covenant to explain their payment structure.

What is the prim allowance for a Private Region?

The prim allowance for a Private Region is the same as any other Region: 15,000.

Can I choose where my Private Region is placed on the map?

By using the Land Store, you may chose your Private Region placement. The Land Store map displays land you already own, making it clear where you can place possible new Private Regions if you want to purchase another one next to your existing land.

Please be aware it is dependent upon the flexibility of the map whether or not this will be possible. Your Private Region may also be in a restricted area, which may happen under the following circumstances:

  • It's old and therefore was placed too close to the mainland
  • It was moved by someone in the Concierge team to a spot "off the map" for some reason
    • Sometimes Residents request that their Private Regions be moved far away from "other stuff," which can result in an unusually distant location
    • Land purchased through the Special Orders page is typically set far away from other, unrelated Regions

There's a chance we may need to move the Private Region as the world expands.

Can I change the terrain texture on my Private Region?

Private Region owners are able to change the texture on their land by using the Ground Textures tab in the Region/Estate window.

Can I terraform my Private Region?

You can terraform your Private Region plus or minus 100 meters.

Can I move my Private Region?

Yes, you can request your Private Region to be joined with another person's Private Region or with another one of your own Private Regions. See this article for more details.

How do I allow others to post events for my Private Region?

See "How do I post an event?" for details.

What other controls do I have?

Plenty. See this article on the Region/Estate window for more details.

Someone mentioned a "rollback" to me; what is that?

Get the right information regarding Private Regions, Estates, and rollbacks here.

I've heard about Openspaces and Homesteads -- what are those?

Openspaces are low-prim Private Regions that can be purchased by Residents who already own Private Regions. Read more about Openspaces here.

Homesteads are another type of Private Region that can be purchased by Residents who already own Private Regions. Read more about Homesteads here.

The Private Region Types article provides a convenient table that describes the differences between each type of Private Region.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or additional request for my Private Region?

Submit a support ticket using the Region and Land Issues ticket type.