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This page collects resources and answers to commonly-asked questions about issues outside of Second Life.

Harassment and threats

How to handle harassment outside of Second Life

Inworld abuse and harassment (griefing) are against the Second Life Terms of Service. If this harassment moves outside of the Second Life virtual world, contact your local authorities.

How can the local authorities contact Linden Lab?

Linden Lab cooperates to the full extent of the law with law enforcement agencies. They can contact Linden Lab at the following address:

Linden Lab Legal Department
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

By fax:

415.243.9045 (Attn Legal Department)

By telephone:


Online gaming addiction

Are you worried you might be unhealthily addicted to your online activities? On-Line Gamers Anonymous may be able to assist you.

Your own death

Are you worried about your own death in some way?

  • Do you want to make sure your Second Life account and inworld items are taken care of should you happen to die?
  • Do you think you might be feeling suicidal?

Please see Death and other problems outside Second Life.

The Second Life community has also compiled a list of helpful suicide resources on the Suicide hotlines page.

The deaths of others

Are you worried about someone else you know in Second Life?

  • Has someone you know been expressing disturbing ideas about self-harm?
  • Has someone you know not logged on in what seems like a while? Are you wondering whether you can have their account information to check in on them?

Please see Death and other problems outside Second Life.