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Buy Linden Dollars from a trusted source, such as Linden Lab or approved L$ resellers. Be extremely careful when purchasing anywhere else, especially if the wording sounds too good to be true. Scammers prey on people's uncertainty and greed, so doing your research beforehand can save you a lot of trouble.


When viewing a scammer's posts, click the Abuse Report link (either on the left of a thread or below a post). Keep in mind that scammers disguise under different identities.

  • "eingee" aka "evezonline" - Repeatedly spamming the forums under different accounts and trying to circumvent Linden Lab's blocks, in the process causing a lot of pain for our Residents. It should be obvious such desperate and disruptive behavior is a red warning flag that they're scammers. We've blocked direct hyperlinks so they are trying different combinations of Unicode characters (like this) to get around.



Posts matching certain keywords and criteria may be automatically flagged for Linden moderation and not posted unless approved. This is different from reporting a post as abusive, which requires our human intervention to.

As we continue to change things behind-the-scenes to make the process target more scam-spam and less legit posts, we're sorry if your post accidentally gets caught in the net. If so, please wait until a Linden next checks the queue and approves it.

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Remember, scammers can't do anything if you don't give them business. Abuse-report their posts, ignore their pleas for attention, and tell other Residents to beware (but don't direct-link to their sites, it gives them traffic).