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Function: llForceMouselook( integer mouselook );

Sets if a sitting avatar should be forced into mouselook when they sit on this prim.

• integer mouselook boolean, if TRUE when an avatar sits on the prim, the avatar will be forced into mouselook mode, if FALSE (default) the avatar will keep their current camera mode.

A sit target is not necessary for this function to work.


  • This function has no effect on avatars already seated.
  • The user may exit mouselook mode at any time.
  • There is nothing stopping someone from modifying or making a client that ignores this.
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Force Mouselook on Sit

        llForceMouselook(TRUE); // Forces sitting avatars into mouselook.

        llForceMouselook(FALSE); // Reverts the setting to the default...
                                 // ...as with a newly created prim.

Deep Notes

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•  llForceMouseLook Test


function void llForceMouselook( integer mouselook );