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Function: integer llGetAgentInfo( key id );

Returns a bit field (an integer) containing the agent information about id.

• key id avatar UUID that is in the same region

Constant Val Returned if agent...
AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN 0x1000 has running ("Always Run") enabled, or is using tap-tap-hold
AGENT_ATTACHMENTS 0x0002 has attachments
AGENT_AUTOMATED 0x4000 is marked as a scripted agent/bot
AGENT_AUTOPILOT 0x2000 is in "autopilot" mode
AGENT_AWAY 0x0040 is in "away" mode
AGENT_BUSY 0x0800 is in "busy" mode
AGENT_CROUCHING 0x0400 is crouching
AGENT_FLYING 0x0001 is flying or hovering
AGENT_IN_AIR 0x0100 is in the air (jumping, flying or falling)
AGENT_MOUSELOOK 0x0008 is in mouselook
AGENT_ON_OBJECT 0x0020 is sitting on an object (and linked to it)
AGENT_SCRIPTED 0x0004 has scripted attachments
AGENT_SITTING 0x0010 is sitting[1]
AGENT_TYPING 0x0200 is typing
AGENT_WALKING 0x0080 is walking, running or crouch walking


Important Issues

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   llGetAgentInfo() returns unreliable info after a sim border crossing


    touch_start(integer buf)
        buf = llGetAgentInfo(llDetectedKey(0));
        string out;
        if(buf & AGENT_FLYING)
            out += "The agent is flying.\n";
            out += "The agent is not flying.\n";
        if(buf & AGENT_ATTACHMENTS)
            if(buf & AGENT_SCRIPTED)
                out += "The agent has scripted attachments.\n";
                out += "The agent's attachments are unscripted.\n";
            out += "The agent does not have attachments.\n";
        if(buf & AGENT_MOUSELOOK)
            out += "the agent is in mouselook.";
            out += "the agent is in normal camera mode.";
        llWhisper(0, out);


This is not a good way of testing if an avatar is in the region, use llGetAgentSize instead.

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Deep Notes


All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   agent_info() event
   llGetAgentInfo() returns unreliable info after a sim border crossing


•  llGetAgentInfo_Test


  1. ^ "Sit down" on the avatar context menu allows ground sits anywhere: atop the terrain, on objects or even in the air, so it is possible to sit "on" an object without linking.
  2. ^ Early release notes were not very accurate or thorough, they sometimes included information about features added in previous releases or failed to include information about features added in that release.


function integer llGetAgentInfo( key id );