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Function: integer llGetStartParameter( );

Returns an integer that is the script start/rez parameter.

  • If the script was loaded with llRemoteLoadScriptPin then that start parameter is returned.
  • If the containing object was rezzed by llRezObject or llRezAtRoot then the return is the on_rez parameter.
  • If the containing object was manually rezzed, by dragging from inventory, the start parameter is 0.


  • The start parameter does not survive region restarts (SVC-2251) or region change (SVC-3258, crossing or teleport).
  • If the script is reset (using llResetScript or other means), the start parameter is set to 0.
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    on_rez(integer param)
        llOwnerSay("rezzed with the number " + (string)param);
        integer i = llGetStartParameter();
        if (i)
            llOwnerSay("I was given the number " + (string)i + " when I was rezzed");
            llOwnerSay("rezzed from inventory (or rezzed/loaded with 0)");

See Also


•  on_rez


•  llRemoteLoadScriptPin Used to load a script into a remote prim
•  llRezObject Used to rez an object at the center of mass
•  llRezAtRoot Used to rez an object at the root

Deep Notes

All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llGetStartParameter returns zero after sim restart
   llGetStartParameter returns zero after change of region


function integer llGetStartParameter();