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   Outdated templated used

Please change the template from 'LSLFunctionAll' to 'LSL_Function' (just replace 'LSLFunctionAll' with 'LSL_Function', do this after fixing any other erorr messages.

  Either 'func_desc' or 'return_type' & 'return_text' must be defined

(Please use 'return_text' & 'return_type' or 'func_desc' to summarize the functions actions.)


Function: Float. llGetTime( );

Returns a Float.

gets the time in seconds since the last script reset, or since the last call to llResetTime/llGetAndResetTime.


Known to be reset by various events outside user control, such as sim resets. Reliable only for short term timing measurements.

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Deep Notes

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function Float. llGetTime();