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Function: llRequestExperiencePermissions( key agent, string name );

Asks the agent for permission to participate in an experience.

• key agent Key of the agent to request permissions from
• string name Deprecated, no longer used

This request is similar to llRequestPermissions with all the following permissions: PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION, PERMISSION_ATTACH, PERMISSION_TRACK_CAMERA, PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA and PERMISSION_TELEPORT. However, unlike llRequestPermissions, the decision to allow or block the request is persistent and applies to all scripts using the experience grid-wide.

Subsequent calls to llRequestExperiencePermissions from scripts in the experience will receive the same response automatically with no user interaction.

Either experience_permissions or experience_permissions_denied will be generated in response to this call. If no response is given by the agent, the request will time out after at least 5 minutes. Multiple requests by the same script can be made during this time out though the script can only have permission for one agent at a time.

Agents in god mode and estate managers will always see the permission dialog even if the experience has been previously approved.

Outstanding permission requests will be lost if the script is de-rezzed, moved to another region, or reset.


Deep Notes

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function void llRequestExperiencePermissions( key agent, string name );