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The described function does not exist. This article is a feature request.


Function: llRotateAgent( vector direction );

Rotate owner to point toward direction.

• vector direction


Deep Notes

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//function void llRotateAgent( vector direction );

Since the old llPointAt() function is deprecated and can't be re-enabled by the community until the server code is opened up, I wanted to propose that LL add a function with this prototype:

llRotateAgent(vector direction)

The usage would be this simple:

vector position_to_point_at; vector my_pos; vector direction;

position_to_point_at = [get position of some object]; my_pos = llGetPos(); direction = position_to_point_at - my_pos; llRotateAgent(direction);

This should be called from within an attachment and from no other place. Ideally it would throw out the Z component of the direction vector.