Magellan and Gaeta

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We found these images in the shared Linden drive, they're all dated from April of 2008. They clearly show the airship which Magellan, hmm, appropriated for his trip to Gaeta.

Airship As Seen From The Ground.jpg

Airship Controls.jpg

The Interior Of The Airship.jpg

Mighty Electric Motors Drive The Airship.jpg

The Airship's Solar Power Panels.jpg

Bay City Mooring Mast From Magellan's Airship.jpg

Magellan Airship Lifts Off From The Mast.jpg

Magellan's Majestic Airship In Flight.jpg

Magellan Airship At Night.jpg

Magellan Presses On Despite Weather.jpg

The Deserted Camp Of Magellan.jpg