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Emblem-important-yellow.png Note!

The Mentor Linguists groupmembers decided to merge the group with the official Second Life CT Projects group. If you'd like to join us, please do so via the registration formular.

Due to the merge, some of the content presented here isn't up-to-date anymore. It will be updated once we got more information on the merge.

Who We Are

The Mentor Linguists group was founded by Holly Vandeverre as a resource for Mentor Linguists involved in Linden Labs official Volunteer program.
By now, it is opening up for all Residents interested in participating in translation projects. The groupchat is supposed to become a resource for those seeking help for their translations in form or content.
Groupnotices will inform about current and ongoing translation projects and their changes. Regular meetings are going to be scheduled which are supposed to connect linguists all over the world.

Every member can invite other members, but please be aware of the conditions. Members got to:

✘ Have the will to support the goals of the Mentor Linguists by contributing their skill(s) (no need to be able to speak more than one language).
✘ Obey to the Tao of Volunteers while speaking in the group chat, at meetings or while representing the Mentor Linguists group.
✘ No non-Linguists related chat in the group channel (e.g.: no advertisement).

Violation of these guidelines might result in an exclusion from the inworld group after one warning.

Who We Are

Monthly meetings are every 2nd Wednesday of a month, at 12PM. Meeting place is the Volunteer HQ in Tenera. Agenda items can be added here =)

Meeting transcripts and summaries will always be stored in the Wiki. View all summaries on one page.

  • 2009 01 14 - Group merge, Localization Central, Wiki templates
  • 2009 02 11 - No meeting
  • 2009 01 14 - Localization Central, group merge, mailing lists and other topics
  • 2008 12 11 - LSL Portal Cat L10n, group management and other topics
  • 2008 11 13 - First meeting, defining goals

Translation Help

The following table contains contact persons who are offering help on how to translate an article in the Wiki or how to provide a translation for the Second Life client.

Language Wiki Client Language specific Linguist group
Danish Dansk Tue Torok Dansk Sproget Second Life
German Deutsch Zai Lynch Zi Ree German speaking Linguists
Greek Ελληνικά
English English Zai Lynch Zi Ree
Spanish Español eva Nowicka Spanish linguist forum
French Français Gally Young French speaking Linguists
Localisation de Second Life
Hebrew עברית Darwin Recreant
Italian Italiano Biancaluce Robbiani Biancaluce Robbiani
Korean 한국어
Japanese 日本語 Nock Forager Alissa Sabre
Dutch Nederlands Lisa Lowe Dutch Linguists Translation Team
Norwegian Norsk
Polish Polski
Portuguese Português
Russian Русский
Swedish Svenska
Chinese(Simplified) 中文(简体)
Chinese(Traditional) 中文(繁體)

Note that there is a special group offering support for translations of the LSL Portal. IM Catherine Pfeffer, Gally Young or Strife Onizuka if you'd like to join.

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