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In response to this question that continues to come up on a regular basis both to me as well as to other Mentors from both new and existing SL Residents. I have decided to create this resource for Mentors which contains a listing of sims that would be good choices for Mentors to show to residents who are asking about these categories of sims. This is so we can give them something more than a suggestion off the top of our head or point them to search. Since these are commonly asked about areas that unless you're involved in them you might not know much about them I decided to tackle Fantasy and Roleplaying sims first.

The Criteria

As one might guess there are many different types of sims out there that could potentially fall into each category so to start I discussed the matter with a number of Mentors, Sim Admins, and Residents to get their take on it. It made the most sense to keep each category small with only three to four listings in each. While primairly for new residents this is a good resource for anyone interested in these types of sims. Any sim on this list should exhibit all or most of these qualities:

  • Be a good representation of what SL has to offer and be well put together from a structural point of view. Sure what looks good is subjective but most people can tell the difference between a sim that is well put together and has a good look and feel to it and one that is just a jumble of stuff as well as be among the more popular sims in it's category or have some other stand out reason for showing it off to new residents.
  • Be run by a group that is open to having Mentors bring new residents to the sim to have a look at it. As well as having staff/volunteers members of the community who are willing to talk to the residents about the sim and who would also be able to give a tour of the sim if the Mentor is not familiar enough with it. The sim admin/owner must approve and endorse the sim's involvement in this resource.
  • In the case of Roleplaying sims in particular the sim must have good resources in place so new members can get involved and learn about the roleplay in an easy manner. Also the sim roleplaying group needs to be well established and fairly stable so that new members are getting into a well structured roleplaying environment.


Traditional High Fantasy:

Dark Roleplay

Post Apocalyptic Roleplay:

  • [[Ark 13]SLURL

Urban/Modern Day:


Role Play Markets: (Many types of RP)

Role Play Publications: