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All models below were hosted on Linden Lab's previous cloud-based sharing service, which is not available anymore. Most — if not all — the links below are broken. Searching for those filenames either on the Wayback Machine or elsewhere on the 'net didn't find any results. Currently, your best bet to get some basic mesh content (mostly for free) is the Outworldz website[1], which features meshes specifically for uploading to Second Life and OpenSimulator (November 2023)

In support of trying out the new[2] functionality of mesh support, we've collected some sample mesh objects that you can see in-world and try importing yourself! Feel free to download and test each of the following meshes. You can also find in-world examples of these meshes free to copy at the following location: Mesh City 4

All works are the intellectual property of the individuals listed next to each example. They are provided here for reference and testing — please contact the original creators[3] with any questions regarding rights to use or redistribute their intellectual property.

Description Triangles Streaming Cost Download Link Sample Image
Sample 1: Streetlight, provided by Racush Cheeky 1,896 triangles ~7 prims streaming cost[dead link]
A sample mesh streetlight
Sample 2: Truck, provided by Jennifur Vultee 10,672 triangles ~28 prims, streaming cost[dead link]
A sample mesh truck
Sample 3: Simple Doors, provided by Drongle McMahon 1,454 triangles ~13 prims streaming cost[dead link]
A sample mesh doorway
Sample 4: Doric Column, provided by Drongle McMahon 814 Triangles ~6 prims streaming cost[dead link]
A sample mesh column


  1. This suggestion is not meant to be taken as a recommendation, an endorsement or a promotion of any sort; there are hundreds of websites with free meshes, but at least those contributed to the Outworldz shop have the advantage of having been tested in Second Life and given acceptable results, with, however, different levels of quality.
  2. "New" in 2010/1, that is. Mesh technology is considered to be absolutely mature these days, having been through several iterations of polishing, until the present generation — a bumpy ride, but one which ultimately arrived at its intended destination and gone beyond it.
  3. The creators mentioned on this page have not logged in to Second Life for the past 5-6 years, so it's unknown if they're still active as of November 2023.