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Here you will find information on the Mono beta program. If you have questions on the Mono beta that are not answered here, please ask them on the discussion tab for this page. Please limit your questions to the Mono beta. If your questions concern the Second Life Mono implementation or the future plans for Mono, please attend one of our beta office hours.

Basic Information

The Mono beta runs on Aditi, Linden Lab's beta grid. This grid is not part of the Main Grid, and you will use a special viewer to connect to it. This viewer also has the necessary user interface elements to start using Mono for your LSL scripts. Inventory and Linden$ transactions will not affect your Main Grid account. Items created on the beta grid will not appear in your main grid inventory.

  • Beta start date: 30 January 2008
  • Location: Beta grid (Aditi)
  • Regions: <TBD>
    • Note: all other regions on the beta grid (most of the grid, in fact) are running simulators for the Havok4 physics beta, occurring at the same time as the Mono beta.
    • Make sure you go to one of these Mono-enabled regions to test Mono.
  • Download viewers: <TBD>
  • SLURL: <TBD>
    • Note: launch Mono beta viewer before clicking slurl or you will likely end up on the main grid with your standard viewer.
  • JIRA meta issue: <TBD>
    • If you find a bug, first check the issues in the meta issue to see if it's already been reported
    • If not, create a new issue, make sure "Mono beta" is in the subject line, and link it to the meta issue.
    • Try to give a minimal repro for your bug. A code snippet which the bug breaks is best.


If you have a question about the Mono beta, and it is not answered here, please add it to the discussion tab.

What is this "Mono" I've heard about?
Mono is a technology for making LSL scripts run much faster. You can read more about it on the Mono wiki page.