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This page focuses on comparative examples of Mono vs. LSL performance. Feel free to add your own — newer videos go on top.

For further details on progress made, see Babbage Linden's blog posts, which originally featured some of these videos.

Exploring Fractals

As seen in "Mono Beta Refresh 11":

"Comparing the performance of a mandelbrot set explorer script running on the LSL and Mono virtual machines. Music by Jonathan Coulton released under the Creative Commons by-nc license ("


Ray Tracing

As seen in "Mono Beta Refresh 10":

"Comparing the performance of a ray tracer written in LSL rendering a scene in Second Life when running first on the Mono and then the LSL2 virtual machines. When running on Mono the scene is rendered in 1/4 of the time."

Learn more about this ray tracer. <videoflash>-Z9tfQI5Uxw</videoflash>

Amanda Levitsky's Maze Generator

As seen in "Mono Beta Refresh 9":

"A demonstration of the performance of the LSL and Mono scripting engines in Second Life. On the left is the original LSL implementation, and on the right is the implementation recompiled with Mono with no other changes.
"Both scripts are started at the same time and generate the layout of a maze in memory before building the walls.
"The script also employs some LSL specific optimisations that can potentially be unraveled for even better performance in Mono."


Blueman Steele's version of Conway's Game of Life

As seen in "Mono Beta Refresh 8":

"An LSL implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Second Life. The left copy is running on the LSL virtual machine, the right copy is running on the Mono virtual machine. Both versions are running concurrently in a single Second Life simulator."