Mountains Of South-East Sansara

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Tourist routes

South East Sansara is a distinct place. It is not as popular as other parts of Sansara, but still it worths a visit.


Its Geography is marked by massive unfractured features. Road density is low. This part of Sansara has the lowest population density. Even so, it is a good place for rental corporations. Altitudes rise to values higher then found in central Sansara. The main difference is that here are large plateaus and also the highest plateaus of the grid. The southern part of this part is known as Mountain Sims or Mountain Subcontinent. A second point of interest is that this place is close to South Islanders, a private-owned subcontinent.

Transportation system is simple. The central piece of transportation is SJRR, a small railway that connects a few sims. Road network connects large areas, like in Jeogeot. Roads are not as dense as in old Sansara, but not as rare as in Gaeta 1 or Gaeta 5.

This part of the continent has more Abandoned Land then others, but still less then some continents. Protected Land is more rare. As a result, Inhabited Land is more rare too. For unknown reasons, there is much Land With Restricted Access. A tourist must beware while visiting places not on the road.

The central point of orientation is Sutherland dam, one of the most important Dams on the grid.


Sutherland Dam from SJRR terminal

In the following material, we suggest a few tourist routes through these mountains.

  • Route 1: SJRR and beyond
  • Route 2: South East corner
  • Route 3: On the highest plateau
  • Route 4: Sailing to Snowlands

Note: A route from Central Sansara to Sutherland is listed and described at Mountains Of Central Sansara.

Tourist Route 1

On SJRR line

We start our trip in Sutherland, near the dam. Together with Sugarolaf, these are the highest dams of the grid. Down, at the bottom of the dam, we find the end of a railway. From here, the railway starts climbing. We reach a railway intersection. The next rail to left ends up at the sim border, a place with a great landscape over the dam. The second one to right goes to a station with a rezz zone (the only one). We rezz a train here and go forward. A bridge is in front of us. Then, we keep climbing. This railway climbs from sea level to 139 meters. Finally, in Hartwick, we reach the highest altitude. There is a small station. Next station is at a sim border. The rail is in Gogebic sim, but the station in Tipisco. Rail ends here.

The small trip on SJRR allows us to take contact with South Sansara. It is a place with massive Geographic features. Now, we can continue forward from the end of the rail. We soon see a building on a high peak. We cannot enter it, but it hides the top of the mountain (184 meters). To left, land has restricted access. Wo go to right and continue to South. From here, altitude decreases. We enter Hamlin sim and find a plateau. Then, at the left end of the plateau, we can find a road that will help us going South. To left, highest altitude is 147 meters. To right, we can see Sutherland Abyss, the enourmas reservoir created behind Sutherland Dam. The road continues in an almost straight line. At some point, we walk on a wooden bridge that separates two large bodies of water, all part of the Sutherland water system, that flows to West through Snowlands Subcontinent. Then, we see a second bridge over a gulf, followed by an intersection. We go left (South). We have the lake on left hand and a mountain garden on right. Then, in Alcona sim (altitude 95), the lake ends.

Here we see a road to left. We continue forward, until the road ends. Altitude is only a bit over 100 meters. This is the border between Sutherland water basin and South coast basin. We can walk forward, down to the ocean shore. The tiny coastal water is in many parts less then 10 meters wide, too little for navigation. This is why there are not many buildings on South Sansara coast.

Tourist Route 2

The East plateau border

This way we will visit the South East corner of Sansara or South Islanders. Part of this journey can be made on road, part on foot. A variation from Brownlee is also described.

We start on Sutherland dam, on the road that is on dam top. We walk to East. For the first part of our travel, altitude is close to 100 meters, the lake is to right and to left we see a plain. There is an instersection in Frontenac sim, where we turn right. Then, after 40 meters, a road turns right. It is continued below water level, inside Sutherland Abyss. This is the only submerged road on the grid that is not protected by a tunnel. It ends at the bottom of the lake. Driving with a car on the bottom of a lake sure is an unexpected adventure.

After we pass the separation line between Sutherland Abyss basin and West Coast basin, altitude decreases. In Tathilna sim, we see the border of a plateau. Road climbs it and reaches its end, a rezz zone, at 91 meters high. There is no road from here. To make sure we walk in the correct direction, we can open the map and click on Halfway sim. Basically, we follow the East shore of the continent. We don't need to go close to the sea, much better is to leep some distance, to stay on the top of the plateau. This way, we have a much larger landscape. Altitude is close to 100 meters. To left, the ocean is visible, while to right, we might see a deep and large valley.

Almost all land is Abandoned Land, so it is easy to find a way through. The few inhabited parcels are at some distance one from the other. In Maquapit, we find a road that comes from West, from the inner continent. We leave the road behind and keep going on. In Whitefish sim we fin a horse rench at 135 meters high, on top of a plateau. Beware of a building in Molson sim, it has an entity orb that teleports anybody away in less then a second. A much better way is more to left, to the ocean. It is followed by a series of buildings. The only way through is close to the shore. Then, we reach Pockwock sim. To left, the ocean extends and we can enter South Islanders.

Variation 1: We can start from SJRR railway. We take the train to Gogebic, then follow the path described at route 1, to Hamlin road. The difference is that we turn left on the road, then right at the next intersection. The road is built through a deep valley. It is not a good idea to leave the road and climb, land owners are not friendly in here. We reach a more flat land with a few high glass biuldings around.

Road takes us to Bear sim. At first intersection we go left, then right over a bridge. Bear sim has also an infohub that can be visited. This road is continued over the plateau, to Gulquac sim, where we meet the main route.

Tourist Route 3

On the high plateaus of Sansara

A visit to the highest plateaus. This is not for cars. This route can be made by walking but it really is a pleasure to be done by horse. There is a main route (in West) and a variation (in East). Both have the start point in Alcona sim (described at tourist route 1), at the end of the road.

There is no road, only an endless plateau. The only orientation spot we have is the highest point. We climb to the highest spot we see. Buildings are rare. We walk only on abandoned land, avoiding ban lines and entity orbs. After a long road, we reach Shoofly sim. This is the highest point (192 or 193 meters). The exact high point is not fixes. shoofly is a plateau and by terraforming any resident can increase altitude with 4 meters.

From here, we can continue to West and reach a road. Beyond that road, we can enter Snowlands Subcontinent. It is possible, but even if there are not many inhabited parcels, it is a high risk to find an entity orb. So, the best way is to return. Another option is to go North, over the plateau, to the shores of Sutherland Abyss, where a road can be found and landscape is more interesting.

Variation 1:

From road end in Alcona, we can go East. This will take us close to the road that surrounds a remote basin of Sutherland Abyss. We ride a horse in the same way, looking for the highest parcel. Unfortunately, highest altitude detected here was 150 meters. This route can take us to South Islanders.

Tourist Route 4

Incredible! Riding a horse in sutherland Abyss

Sailing to Snowlands. A boat is required. Or, in an unconventional way, we can drive on water floor for a limited distance.

Sutherland Abyss is the first water basin of a large hydrographical system called Sutherland Basin. All 3 bodies are connected and share the same altitude and connected by two rivers. Water is flowing on 3 main ways, all 3 including natural or artiphicial Dams: Sutherland, Sugarolaf and Wengen - Ganymede.

We can start by searching a rezz zone for boats near the dam. An unconventional way is to go to Whitlock sim (to East, route 2) and rezz a car there. The road goes down under water level to the bottom of the lake, where everything is flat and you can drive.

If we decide to drive, this is the most quiet of all trips we have ever done. There is nobody down here. We will find a few problems, so we will be forced to leave our car at the end of Sutherland Abyss and the connection to second water body. If we decide to sail, a problem is if we get too close to the shores. There might be parcels that don't accept us.

The first river that connects two lakes is very deep and sharp, also the longest. On its bottom, we might find two wrecked ships. So, if you chosen to sail, beware of underwater stones. Then, we enter the second body of water. It has no official name. By always sailing along the right shore, we will find soon the river that connects it to the third body of water. This one is shorter and larger. It might sound strange, but there are no wrecked ships in this part. There is an autobus. This bus might have come from the road above.

Then, we enter the last body of water, also without a name. This one is the largest. Once we left the river, we go straight forward until at some point we will see the other shore. There, in Miller sim, we enter a river that is navigable to Wangen, Snowlands. To right, we can sail to Sugarolaf dam.

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