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Development Road Map

The following is a rough road map we can follow as a strategy to completing and having plugins merged into the main trunk. We do not need to slavishly follow this road map, but it should provide some management of expectations of where we are in the process and what we should expect to occur at some point in the future.

If anyone in a decision making role disagrees with this road map, please edit until you agree with the contents.

  1. Discussion of various approaches and technical risks
    Note: informal discussions can happen anywhere, but decisions should be summarized on the sldev mailing list
  2. Linden input. Should include extensive comments from both legal, high leadership / technical level, and concerns + comments from the trenches.
  3. General agreement on basic approach
  4. Expansive feature list. This list should be as large as possible and should include absolutely everything we could possibily ever think of. This is the plugin we'd expect to see at some point far into the future.
  5. Linden input
  6. Agree on short term feature list. This is a prioritized list from the expansive list of the features we'd like to see immediately.
  7. Linden sign off
  8. Implementation
  9. Example plugins
  10. Test Client for Release
  11. Testing period plus bug fixes
  12. Merging