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A brief history

This wiki was started on January 8, 2007, as a means for Linden Lab to collaborate with the community in many ways. The first big initiative handled here is the viewer source code release. Since then, as shown on the main page, the wiki's grown from its technical-centric roots to encompass diverse realms of knowledge of interest to Second Life Residents.

All content submitted to Second Life Wiki is contributed to Linden Lab under the Second Life Wiki Contribution Agreement. Linden Lab will make your contribution available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (see Project:Terms of Use for details).

See Editing Guidelines for policies regarding acceptable content on this wiki.

Who's running this ship?

Several Lindens administer the wiki, and numerous others have contributed. Appropriate for this collaborative environment, there isn't a single Linden who has "ownership". But like video game bosses, each one of the following has a specific area they lord over and a special attack power, or something like that. Seriously, we have a sense of humor, and if it helps to know who we are in alphabetical order: