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This wiki was started on January 8, 2007, as a collaboration between Linden Lab and our Second Life Residents to provide help and information. The first big initiative handled here was the viewer source code release. Since then, as shown on the main page, the wiki's grown from its technical-centric roots to encompass diverse realms of knowledge of interest to Second Life Residents.

Linden Lab can't review every submission, but reserves the right to remove unsuitable content at any time. Linden Lab provides this wiki as a service to numerous communities, including those represented by the portals on the Main Page. New portals are added at Linden Lab's discretion.

We certainly encourage you to contribute your awesomeness this wiki! See Editing Guidelines for how, and policies regarding acceptable content.

KBcaution.png Important: The majority of this Wiki's content (like SL itself) is Resident-created and while it may be helpful, unless stated otherwise by an employee of Linden Lab, we can't vouch for its accuracy. For our official documentation on how to use Second Life, please see the Knowledge Base.

How do I use this wiki?

If you're not familiar with what a "wiki" is (what is it?), think of this place as "help pages". A question you have may already be answered!

It's super-easy to get started. A couple suggestions:

  • Use the SEARCH box on the left of every page: type in something and click the Go button or press Enter ↵. (The Search button uses the wiki's built-in search instead of Google, which can be more specific but less flexible.)
    • Typing in a partial match and waiting a few seconds can autocomplete. For example, try "ani".
    • If your search matches an exact page title, it goes there.
    • Otherwise, search goes through trusty ol' Google.
  • Click links to browse from one article to the next (it can be addictive). Many articles are categorized to help you learn more about related topics.

Can't find something that should be here? Tell Torley.

How do I contribute to this wiki?

^ Click the question to see your answer!

Who's running this ship?

Several Lindens administer the wiki, and numerous others have contributed. Appropriate for this collaborative environment, there isn't a single Linden who has "ownership". But like video game bosses, each one of the following has a specific area they lord over and a special attack power, or something like that. Seriously, we have a sense of humor, and if it helps to know who we are in alphabetical order:

  • Jeremy Linden
  • Jon Linden
  • Rand Linden - Responsible for API and other developer-oriented documentation; originator of the Viewer 2.0 Help System.
  • Torley Linden - Torley-favicon.png - Community-facing stuff. Has written tons of help pages/documentation, established wiki policies and structure, continues to make connections and fill gaps. Eager to help you if you're curious about that, so get in touch.
  • Yoz Linden