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[LENGTH] 00:10


[OVERVIEW] This test has been designed to the basic functionality of pinned objects (a.k.a. "non-physical" objects), and non-pinned objects (a.k.a. "physical" objects).

[SETUP] Tester must be in an area where building is enabled.


[Linked Objects]

[0010] Make a complicated linked object with more than three pinned primitives, each piece with a non-trivial rotation, and preferably not all the same shape:

[0010.0010] Unlink and link the collection a few times... the primitives should not change position/rotation between link/unlink cycles.

[NOTE] Notes are also recognized!

[INV] InventoryName

[SCRIPT] ScriptName

[0010.0020] Duplicate the linked object. Did it copy correctly?

[0010.0030] Unpin the linked object and use Grab to throw it around. Does it collide correctly?

[0010.0040] Throw the object across the region boundary. Did it cross correctly?


[Simple Grab]

[0020] Find a relatively flat location near a region boundary. Create two single-primitive objects, one pinned and one non-pinned.

[0020.0010] Does Grab move each one in the X-Y plane?

[0020.0020] Does CTRL-Grab move each one in the LeftRight???-Z plane?

[0020.0030] Does SHIFT-CTRL-Grab rotate each object?

[0020.0040] Can Grab be used to move each one across the region boundary?

[0020.0050] Can you Grab each object when they are across the boundary from you


[Colliding Grab]

[0030] Make a floor, add two walls, and create a single-primitive pinned object near the middle of the floor.

[0030.0010] Can you Grab the pinned object and move it about the floor?

[0030.0020] Create a new object on the floor and make it non-pinned.

[0030.0020.0010] Try to Grab the object and move it beyond the wall; expected behavior is that it will lightly bounce against the wall.

[0030.0020.0020] Do collisions generate sounds and particle systems?

[0030.0020.0030] The object should never be able to interpenetrate or tunnel through the wall.

[0030.0020.0040] Use Grab to collide the non-pinned object against the pinned object that was being grabbed earlier. If the Grabbed object rotates, it should rotate very slowly as if it were being slowed down by molasses.


[Interpenetration Rules]

[0040] Make two pinned objects and two non-pinned.

[0040.0010] Try to use the build-mode move tool to position one pinned object into a state of interpenetration with the other pinned object. The operation should succeed.

[0040.0020] Try to move the same object into a state of interpenetration with one of the non-pinned objects. The operation should succeed.

[0040.0030] Move the pinned object back into interpenetration with the other pinned object, then try to unpin it. The operation should fail.


[NOTE] Don't forget to clean up your test area when finished!