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Second Life Marketplace Releases and Reporting of Issues

This document is a running list of release notes from the most recent Marketplace Releases. It will be archived periodically. Since the Marketplace is a web product, any deployment to production will affect all customers immediately.

If you see problems that you believe are related to a recent release, please let us know about them! Here are the best ways to let us know:

If you would like more details on the Marketplace and how it works, please see the Knowledge Base. If you have questions that other Residents may be able to help you with, please post to the Merchants Forum.

Release Notes for Current Marketplace Release

Released July 29, 2013

  • L$0 payments to Merchants appearing in transaction history again

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Known Issues


Release Notes for July 1, 2013 Release

  • Revise button added back to product listings for listing merchant

Release Notes for June 25, 2013 Release

  • Released new billing engine for Marketplace
  • Now support gifting more than one person in the cart

Release Notes for May 9 , 2013 Release

  • Shoppers can now write second review to the product, if the first was removed independently.

Release Notes for April 23, 2013 Release

  • Spanish language support added (note that categories will be updated at a later date.)
  • Fixed bug which prevented changing category using bulk edit
  • Overall improvements to bulk edit

Release Notes for March 21, 2013 Release

  • When a listing is flagged for the wrong category, the suggested category is now included in the email alert for the flag.

Release Notes for February 5, 2013 Release

  • Email preferences to support turning on/off emails now available in account settings on the Marketplace.
  • Reliability improvements to prevent delivery delays.
  • New emails (and associated on/off settings) added:
    • An email to the recipient when a redelivery of an item they should have received occurs
    • An email to the merchant when a redelivery of an item in their store occurs
    • An email of any change to revenue distributions on a listing are made: addition and removal
    • An email to the recipient of a revenue distribution when a sale occurs
    • An email when an item is unlisted or blocked as a result of a flag
    • An email when a review is added, removed, commented on or flagged and removed (all to the merchant)
  • The following bugs have now been addressed:
    • WEB-2129 Assist buyer feedback: Inform sellers of newly posted reviews on their items on the main page.
    • WEB-3365 Sales Confirmation Emails from Marketplace are either "Laggy" or are not delivered
    • WEB-3482 Delisted items -> showing wrong reason for delisting + not warning merchants when flagged
    • WEB-4774 Marketplace does not send email if you are removed as a co-creator of a product
    • WEB-2399 How to Opt Out of Sale and Discussion Notification Emails
    • WEB-3072 No email sent when delivery fails on the marketplace
    • WEB-2879 I think there is a bug with the distribution sales notification by email

Release Notes for October 11, 2012 Release

  • After the last deployment, product listing enhancement billing was charging again, but failing to set the next renewal date correctly. This has been fixed: listings with incorrect dates were updated and charges will be set to the correct renewal date. While we are catching up on billing, it is being manually run and monitored. Once that is done, we will return the process to its normal state of running on an automated schedule to bill product listing enhancement renewals.

Release Notes for October 4, 2012 Release

  • Change send from email address to for all marketplace emails.
  • Work to improve product listing enhancement billing

Release Notes for September 26, 2012 Release


Release Notes for September 4, 2012 Release

  • Fix unescaped HTML in email footers, review comments, gift message edit pop-up
  • WEB-4927: Get all listing enhancements billing again

Release Notes for August 22, 2012 Release

  • Uncheck all in Merchant Admin fixed to uncheck all listings
  • Unescaped HTML fixed in purchase emails

Release Notes for August 10, 2012 Release

  • WEB-4892 Cart errors when German is the selected language

Release Notes for August 8, 2012 Release

  • WEB-4888 Language tabs are not visible when editing a Marketplace listing

Release Notes for August 7, 2012 Release

  • Performance improvements for page navigation and checkout completion (as a result of a required system upgrade)
  • In Merchant Admin on Manage Inventory, save sort order when items per page is changed

Release Notes for May 10, 2012 Release

  • WEB-4574 Direct Delivery Products are sent to Buyer instead of Receiver when Item Re-Delivery Occurs
  • WEB-4676 ANS/SLM duplicates ItemID field into Location Field but should put Order Line Item ID# in Location
  • Updated/new translations for Direct Delivery

Release Notes for April 13, 2012 Release

  • PayPal Update: customers will now select PayPal if they want to pay with a credit card. They are not required to log into PayPal to use a credit card.

Release Notes for March 21, 2012 Release

  • WEB-4580 Direct Delivery inventory items are now delivered with the inventory item name as opposed to the listing name, which will allow orders to complete quickly (and merchant payouts to not get stuck with order in Being Delivered state.) Note that will be an outstanding bug related to this issue once we have deployed: WEB-4648
  • WEB-4587 Changes were made to fix updating search results in Merchant stores, which will occur over a period of time (about a week). We will provide more details on the Merchants Forum
  • WEB-4638 Many of these listing enhancements were processed on April 10. Changes were made to prevent this delay in the future.

Release Notes for March 21, 2012 Release

This release includes the launch of Direct Delivery. For more information please see the following:

Note that the following two features are not activated--we expect to turn them on in the next couple of months (before we prevent use of Magic Boxes):

  • ANS
  • Direct Delivery support for no copy (Merchant does not have copy rights) items

Release Notes for March 20, 2012 Release


  • No copy items are prevented from being sent to the Marketplace from the Merchant Outbox (will only be visible when Direct Delivery is activated on March 21, 2012)

Release Notes for March 13, 2012 Release


  • See Description and User Licensed won't appear to customers if they are unchecked
  • Added sorting to Manage listings section on the Manage inventory page

Release Notes for January 30, 2012 Release


  • WEB-4302: Date is now the import date of the inventory item
  • WEB-4260: Performance work to improve the early morning delivery success rate
  • New usage requirements added to listings (requires land, requires sandbox, or none); the front end display will launch with Direct Delivery. These define what consumers will need after purchasing an item for Direct Delivery items.

Release Notes for November 30, 2011 Release


  • Merchant Admin Inventory Management fixes to counts, filters, and search functionality
    • WEB-4150 Unlisted and unavailable incorrect.
    • WEB-4152 Fewer listings are shown per page than pagination settings should display.
    • WEB-4215 Manage inventory product count does not match actual listing count.
  • Searching by SKU code now works immediately after codes are updated (in the past, there was a delay before this was searchable).
  • In Merchant Admin, Merchants will now be able to view inventory and listings separately in Manage Inventory. See the Knowledge Base for more details.
  • User Licensed (for Merchants who sell full perm items and the buyer is required to abide by a user licensing agreement) is now an option for permissions on listings. Merchants will be responsible for providing the licensing terms on the listing.
  • Resident accounts must have a minimum age of 5 days to create a store (become a Merchant).

Release Notes for October 18, 2011 Release

Merchant Facing Fixes

  • Maturity bug fixes for Marketplace RSS feeds

Details: The following RSS feeds are available:

The easiest way to create a feed URL is to search on the Marketplace for what you would like to create a feed for. Copy the resulting URL and then replace "products" with "feeds". (This works with Items search only.)
Possible search parameters are:

  • search[category_id] (this id can be obtained by clicking on a category and pulling out the value in the URL on the Marketplace web site)
  • search[maturity_level] (options are: G, GM, GMA, A)
  • search[keywords] (keyword to search for)

If the user who is pulling the RSS feed is not logged into the Marketplace, only G (General) products are available. Here is a sample URL:[category_id]=222&search[maturity_level]=GM&search[keywords]=silk

Release Notes for October 13, 2011 Release

Merchant Facing Fixes

  • WEB-4138 Order confirmation email failures UPDATE: this continues to be a problem. We are still addressing it.

Release Notes for October 11, 2011 Release

Merchant Facing Fixes

  • WEB-2920 Add item number to distributions: The listing ID will appear on distribution transactions. As part of this fix, we also include the Merchant name on distributions you receive, and update the transaction type for revenue from sales.
  • WEB-4143 L$ balance not updating automatically inworld after a purchase is made/completed

Shopper Facing Fixes

  • WEB-4143 L$ balance not updating automatically inworld after a purchase is made/completed

Release Notes for September 22, 2011 Release

Merchant Facing Fixes

  • WEB-4125 Duplicate listings appear in Merchant Admin when viewing inventory

Release Notes for September 16, 2011 Release

Merchant Facing Fixes

  • WEB-4134 User Exceptions seem to be increasing in conjunction with the Sept 13-15 Deployment

Shopper Facing Fixes

  • WEB-4134 More of my deliveries are failing on the Marketplace (same as above issue)