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Second Life Project Viewer version

Released on February 22, 2018.

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Release Notes


This viewer adds a new feature that allows you to capture a 360 image of any Second Life region, preview it and then save it locally to your computer. From there, it can be uploaded to any service or web page that supports them including Facebook, Flickr as well as a multitude of other sites that support them but generally ask you to sign up and log in first.

The initial version of this feature used to be integrated with the Snapshot Floater and saved off the images in a zip file. The Snapshot floater was already complex enough so this feature was broken out into its own floater.  Saving the output as a standard equirectangular JPEG instead of a zip means that there is no need for preprocessing before it can be used use in sites like Facebook or Flickr.

To use this feature:

  • Start the viewer as normal and log into a region
  • Using the menu bar, select World ▶ Capture 360 or press the Control + Shift + C keys to open the Capture 360 Floater
  • You will see buttons to:
    • Capture 360 - press this to start a capture
    • Save Local - press after you capture a 360 to save it to your computer
    • Close - Closes the floater as normal

Known issues:

  • If something in a region where you are capturing a 360 is moving (objects, sky, water) you might experience visible seam artifacts in the resulting 360 image. Work is in progress to improve this.
  • It takes several seconds to capture the images and then a few more to generate and load the preview. Work in progress to improve this time or else provide more UI feedback
  • The UI was simplified and there is now no UI to select image size, or avatar capture.
  • On some Macs the preview picture is black in "360 Capture" floater. The workaround is to hit "Save Local" then "Cancel". The 360 Capture preview now looks as expected.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-6862 [360 Snapshot] When ALM is enabled, Depth mode shots are broken when snapshot size is set to anything above current window size
  • MAINT-7564 [360 snapshot] viewer fails to support 360 playback