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Second Life Project Viewer version

Released on June 25, 2018.

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Release Notes


This is the latest build of the Animesh project viewer. It has been merged with viewer-release, and has a couple of small bug fixes (crash on edit logcontrol-dev.xml, crash in appearance to XML).

Animesh is a new feature under development that allows non-avatar objects to play animations like avatars do today. Animesh is still under development, so the new features will only work in supported test regions on Aditi. See the wiki page for details on how to get started with animesh. You can report problems with animesh in our JIRA and discuss it with other interested residents at the Animesh Forum .

For more information, see our blog posting.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-7763 Crash when wearing Animated Mesh
  • MAINT-7773 [Animesh] Users from different viewer don't see the Animesh stop animating when it is selected.
  • MAINT-7854 Animesh is rendered lower in than previous viewers.
  • MAINT-7931 (other) Animesh - physics/BB scaling does not reflect visual scaling
  • MAINT-7992 Animesh objects outside view frustum stop rendering after a while.
  • MAINT-7994 child animesh object influences root animesh object.
  • SL-707 UI design for animated mesh property editing
  • SL-714 Handle selection/edit for animated objects
  • SL-719 [PV] Handle objects with physics
  • SL-726 Restrict updateCharacter() transform munging for control avatars
  • SL-751 Test infrastructure
  • SL-902 Animesh objects with rigged meshes must always display rigged to skeleton