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Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Project Viewer version

Released on May 26, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This build now supports the "Reset Skeleton" feature. This is intended to fix cases where the avatar shows up in a distorted shape as a result of incorrectly applied joint updates - for example, a non-human avatar may show as "crunched up" because it's still in a human pose. You can right click on your own or another avatar and pick "Reset Skeleton" from the menu that pops up. Note that this is an entirely viewer-side feature that only affects what you see - it will not affect how anyone else sees themselves or other avatars. Please let us know about cases where it does not produce the desired results.

We also have a few late-breaking changes to the slider support for mesh avatars, including jaw shape and head shape. Sliders that affect the scale of mPelvis now also alter mHindLimbsRoot, to better keep the front and hind legs synced up.

For updates on available meshes and animations compatible with the current skeleton, please follow

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1211 Female Avatar Torso Muscles Bug
  • MAINT-5671 Cathy Foil's Tentacles folded over on coyot's avatar
  • SL-202 Mesh rigging fails when joint offsets are combined with fitted mesh
  • SL-216 [Bento] tentacle attachment has stray triangles
  • SL-221 Viewer crash when previewing a mesh in the mesh uploader
  • SL-250 Intermittent graphics glitch with skinned meshes
  • SL-252 Crash in Mac Bento viewer 306860 in upload-model floater
  • SL-255 Mesh upload display skin weights checkbox has reversed sense
  • SL-263 Crash in upload preview when show skinning weights, and unknown joint referenced
  • SL-266 Mesh upload - skin weight and joint offset checkboxes not enabled correctly when multiple meshes per model file.
  • SL-268 Distorted graphics in mesh uploader when previewing skin weights
  • SL-276 (PV) Finalize skeleton.xml file, remove variants
  • SL-282 BVH files using joint names that match internal names look correct on Bento, broken on Release.
  • SL-285 Animation upload preview does not allow replacing "hip" joint with internal name "mPelvis".
  • SL-287 Spine joints crash viewer or cause distorted default avatar
  • SL-289 Bento avatars stretch to horizon when Enhanced skeleton is disabled. (old Macs)
  • SL-290 base bone rigging is disabled when Enhanced skeleton is disabled.
  • SL-301 "mFaceoseRight" in avatar_lad.xml
  • SL-302 [Project Bento] Bento Project viewer lacks MAINT Mesh fixes
  • SL-310 (defer?) The BVH importer's preview does not show the new bones
  • SL-314 bvh from Cathy Foil crashes Bento viewer
  • SL-315 [AGNI] Mesh joint positions are not set reliably (reset skeleton)
  • SL-317 [BENTO] Trouble uploading custom rig to BentoExperimental1
  • SL-318 Support translations in bvh upload
  • SL-319 Reduce restrictions on joints required for uploaded mesh
  • SL-333 Animating attachment points causes out of range array access in LLMotion
  • SL-338 Backend should reject old-format animations
  • SL-341 Joint debugging updates requested by content creators
  • SL-343 Remove restrictions on partial joint pos overrides
  • SL-344 [AGNI] Finalize avatar_lad.xml
  • SL-352 [Bento] Incorrect display of legacy rigged content.
  • SL-355 [BENTO] Viewer always crashes when right clicking certain rigged meshes - ERROR: LLVolumeOctreeRebound::visit: Empty leaf
  • SL-361 Button "Clear History" overlaps lower checkbox, in Preferences.
  • SL-363 From Gaia - additional lad file content
  • SL-365 Add hind limb sliders to match corresponding leg joints
  • SL-366 Mesh Upload - preview skin weights bug
  • SL-368 Remove the Enhanced skeleton option from Preferences
  • SL-371 Issue with partial joint position overrides in meshes
  • SL-372 Mesh upload fails to capture joint info if model has multiple skeleton roots
  • SL-373 Proposal to add mGroin support to the package slider
  • SL-374 Apply joint position overrides during slider-based modifications
  • SL-375 Allow per-joint determination of whether to apply a joint offset
  • SL-378 Add import UI or at least log message feedback to show which joints have pos overrides defined.
  • SL-386 [AGNI] Final slider changes for Agni release

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.
  • SL-290 base bone rigging is disabled when enhanced skeleton is disabled
  • SL-289 bento avatars stretch to horizon when enhanced skeleton is disabled (old Macs)
  • SL-274 shape distortions at altitude with SW skinning
  • SL-268 distorted graphics in mesh uploader when previewing skin weights