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Please see Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Release Notes for Second Life Release Viewer 2.1.0 (207030)

Released July 21, 2010

Read the 'Now Available -- A Faster, More Stable Viewer 2' blog post.

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Bug Fixes

  • 175 Votes - VWR-16980 Viewer 2.0 does not center floating text on HUDs (LLSetText broken)
  • 159 Votes - VWR-17006 Expanding and closing the sidebar moves what you're viewing, making the illusion of a world less real
  • 158 Votes - VWR-17010 The Viewer 2.0 chat bar needs to fill ALL unused space in the bottom bar
  • 145 Votes - VWR-7253 Height indication in the Avatar Appearance Editor and correct Avatar scaling with respect to Prim dimension is required in Second Life
  • 114 Votes - VWR-17009 Suppressing the UI works just partially
  • 77 Votes - VWR-16993 When I click on an object in-world it stays highlighted (like a selection-highlight)
  • 73 Votes - VWR-17019 Add color/tint to new tattoo layer
  • 70 Votes - VWR-19495: Jumping to a specific time in a video stream does not work in Viewer 2
  • 68 Votes - VWR-17106 Move Parcel Indictators (Damage, Push, Build) Back to Menu Bar - reverse poor UI 2.0 decision
  • 44 Votes - VWR-17001 Leave LOCATION info on the viewer header when hiding the "navigation" bar
  • 49 Votes - SNOW-48 Textures Not Resolving On Megaprims - Breaking Holodecks and Off Sim Landscaping Creations
  • 35 Votes - VWR-17349 Custom Size Snapshot to Disk with Constrain Proportions does not work as expected
  • 21 Votes - VWR-17886 Mouse over isn't opening tabs while dragging an item
  • 21 Votes - VWR-16999 Text on HUDs get misplaced when opening or closing the side bar thingy on the new beta viewer
  • 20 Votes - VWR-19351 Clothing/attachments not linked in Outfits are missing

What's New

  • Lots of crash and performance fixes - including many improvements specific to avatar performance
  • The Bottom Bar is now customizable, with several new buttons (map, minimap, etc) and the option to choose exactly which buttons you wish to see
  • The Sidebar can be set up to overlay the world instead of pushing it aside (un-check the Sidebar box under 'Automatic position for' in Me > Preferences > Advanced)
  • New camera and movement controls that are more usable - Orbit and Pan camera actions have been put back on a single control, and Strafe is back!
  • Many UI bug-fixes to improve your Second Life experience
  • Improvements to better support low-end hardware
  • The GPU/feature table is now stored on the web, so as new hardware comes out or drivers change, we can modify the features without requiring a new viewer
  • Voice Morphing gives you the ability to modify the way your voice sounds in lots of fun, creepy and interesting ways...

Get Voice Morphing!

To turn on Voice Morphing, just click the ^ button to the immediate right of the 'Speak' button on the Bottom bar. In the floater, click anywhere on the 'Voice Morphing Off' button, use your mouse wheel or the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of the list, then click the 'Get Voice Morphing' link to open the Second Life Voice Morphing web page. From there, just follow the instructions and surprise your friends (only those running Viewer 2.1) with any one of the available voice 'fonts'.

New Features and Improvements

  • VWR-7253 Created an avatar height display
  • VWR-13743 Changed double-click action for Inventory wearables
  • VWR-17001/VWR-17106 Added coordinates and parcel settings to Top bar when Nav bar is hidden and flags are set
  • VWR-17006 Made Sidebar UI compression optional
  • VWR-17010 Enabled options to customize the bottom bar
  • VWR-17019 Added tint / color to tattoos
  • VWR-18508 Switching Camera Between 'Orbit' and 'Pan' is Inefficient and Cumbersome
  • Implemented Voice Morphing
  • Returned 'Strafe' action to Movement Control
  • Implemented saving of unread notifications
  • Simplified Inventory transfers by adding a Share button to Inventory that opens the Resident Chooser
  • Added a button to the Group Notice form to open a secondary Inventory floater
  • Added the ability to select several residents by using 'Shift'
  • Implemented improved default animations
  • Implemented separate Mute Everyone and Unmute Everyone options for voice moderation
    • Implemented warning notification on use of 'Mute everyone' voice moderation option
  • Update outfit editor UI to support multi-selection
  • Enabled drag and drop to add Inventory items to current outfit in Outfit Editor
  • Implemented a dragbar between 'Edit Outfit' and 'Add to Outfit' panels
  • Added a 'Get more Gestures' link to the Gestures menu on the Bottom bar
  • Added debug setting to show avatar rez times
  • Added debug ability to set texture discard levels
  • Added baked texture information to texture view
  • Made all inventory link types perform proper indirection (e.g. when opening a notecard link, the notecard itself is opened)
  • Implemented different color / font style for links
  • Implemented shortcut icons for all link types
  • Added new welcome island textures to local_assets
  • Implemented right click menus for Inventory views, gear menus, and buttons in Appearance side panel
  • Added 'Upload' option to Top Menu > Build
  • Added the ability to preserve inventory item selection across Current Outfit Folder wearables list updates
  • Update buttons and lists when changes in the Current Outfit Folder are made outside of the Edit Outfit panel
  • Made avatars enter Edit Appearance mode when the Outfit Editor is opened
  • Added remove (X) in-line button to attachments
  • Added avatar gender radio buttons
  • Added a 'Shop' Button to the bottom of the Inventory panel
  • Added an 'Edit my Shape' option to the avatar self-click context menu
  • Changed camera angle to 'Front view' while editing shape in My Appearance
  • Created a 'Shop' button for the Side tray
  • Improved the Buy L$ button in the Top bar
  • Updated Vivox Voice SDK to 3.1.0001.8821

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • VWR-14765 Crash when quitting from the login screen while the focus is on the grid selection combo-box
  • VWR-19824 Crash when saving snapshot to inventory
  • Crash at LLRemoteParcelInfoProcessor::processParcelInfoReply(LLMessageSystem*, void**)
  • Crash at LLImageBase::allocateData [secondlife-bin llimage.cpp:170]
  • Crash on ATI 3200
  • Crash at LLPluginClassMedia::idle [secondlife-bin llpluginclassmedia.cpp:158]
  • Crash in libcurl background thread on windows
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::updateEntry [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1231]
  • Crash in LLVOVolume::syncMediaData
  • Crash after resolving second Inventory offer in IM chat window
  • Crash when attempting to select member's name in 'Group profile > Roles > Members' tab while panel refreshes
  • Crash in Spatial Partition
  • Viewer freezes if IM chat floater with teleport offer is resized a few times

Bug Fixes

  • SNOW-48 Textures Not Resolving On Megaprims - Breaking Holodecks and Off Sim Landscaping Creations
  • SNOW-207 Texture loading on sculpty plants is failing making content appear to be of poor quality
  • VWR-7054 Flycam / SpaceNavigator: When in 'edit mode', Flycam movement is reduced
  • VWR-16980 Center floating text on HUDs ( llSetText broken )
  • VWR-16993 Clicked on objects remain highlighted (like a selection-highlight)
  • VWR-16999 Text on HUDs get misplaced when opening or closing the side bar thingy on the new beta viewer
  • VWR-17009 CTRL-ALT-F1 doesn't currently hide the entire Viewer UI
  • VWR-17349 Custom Size Snapshot to Disk with Constrain Proportions does not work as expected
  • VWR-17886 Mouse over isn't opening tabs while dragging an item
  • VWR-19351 Clothing/attachments not linked in Outfits are missing
  • VWR-19377 Inventory Search Problem
  • VWR-19495 Jumping to a specific time in a video stream does not work in Viewer 2
  • HTTP texture fetching should default to On (Develop > HTTP Textures)
    • Texture Jamming problems with HTTP textures set to Off
  • Multiple Spaces in between names returns incorrect error
  • Attachments can show up hanging in space
  • Viewer and sim should use HTTP headers to check for expiration; drop display_name_expires
  • Toggling 'Draw Classic Clouds' does not actually prevent them from being drawn if clouds have been drawn once
  • Turn 'Draw Classic Clouds' off for "low" graphics settings
  • Make the 'low' graphics settings be the lowest possible settings for adjustments with slider bars
  • Create different folder icons for trash, lost&found, and system folders
  • My Outfits folders don't always auto-populate on first login
  • Change LLFolderView::getSelectionList to return a selection
  • After using Object Profile, edited objects remain highlighted when edit floater is closed
  • Remove unused context menus from Sidebar > My Appearance > Wearing (Rename, Remove, and Delete)
  • 'Activate' button in Gestures floater should only activate gestures - not save them
  • 'Loading...' message remains in ad-hoc IM floater opened by 'Start IM' button
  • Initial gesture setup is wrong on first login
  • Inventory - 'Object Profile' should be 'Item Profile'
  • Deed parcel to group silently fails when 'Allow Land Resell' disabled
  • Attachment name in Group Notice toast becomes empty if clicked on
  • Support in shared media so Google docs will work
  • Clean up and simplify representation of voice volumes in LLVoiceClient
  • Viewer 2 speakers lists are inconsistent
  • Fix ruthing/replacement wearables logic
  • Change 'Me > Quit Second Life' to 'Me > Exit Second Life'
  • Mini Map window title is redundant
  • SLapp links have an extra Icon after them
  • Can set Maturity settings to 'Adult' with not age verified account when admin options shown
  • Edit Outfit: Correct XUI: update status string, add t-shirt icon etc.
  • Edit Outfit: Ensure all elements scale to proper width and can scroll as necessary
  • Appearance panel: Add edit button in place of the image display next to current look
  • Gesture pop-up menu too tall (fills height of screen)
  • Remove separator from Me > My Status
  • Script errors spam the area with chat
  • Keyword PARCEL_DETAILS_ID is not syntax highlighted
  • Create modified inventory view for "my outfits" tab in top-level appearance sidebar
  • Update Available/Required splash broken for Beta channel releases
  • Unable to run several copy of viewer
  • Landmarks in Places/Sidebar reverts to sorting by date
  • Entire My Inventory area becomes selected if an object has been dragged and dropped from Trash folder
  • Remove support for full-screen mode
  • Attempting to create new folder while viewing recent inventory renames newest item instead
  • Nothing happens after 'Mute everyone else' was performed second time in group voice chat
  • Inventory focus bug may cause deletion of in-world objects, using DEL key
  • Home sidebar > My Appearance > Clicking on Open My Appearance generates error message: SLurl not supported
  • No context menu for place description
  • Favorites bar: Pop-up menu for Landmark in overflow dropdown is kept after the Landmark has been dragged away
  • Groups Side panel: Pop-up menu is present after group list loses focus
  • Inventory flat list needs optimization
  • Phrasing of instructions dialog (displayed upon failed TP) for modifying maturity preferences is confusing and grammatically incorrect
  • Back arrow does not return me to place of original login
  • Group profile not using placeholder art
  • Map button on Places should default to opening world map in current location
  • Outfit texture updates are not transmitted (in either direction) when HTTP Textures is enabled
  • Unnecessary menu can be opened for Nearby Voice
  • Alert for new incoming message in Conversations box is not working effectively
  • 'STRG(CTRL)+SHIFT+S' in Mouselook doesnt make a snapshot
  • Usage of "ObjectGiveItemUnknownUser" notification should be replaced with functionality provided by LLPostponedNotification class
  • Notification about unsaved changes is shown twice on 'Group profile panel > Roles' accordion
  • Change accept/reject for group calls messaging
  • Hitting 'x' on group chat call window makes call end, doesn't just close the window
  • Change notification behavior for IMs arriving to an open IM window
  • Redundant 'Save changes' dialog when quitting Viewer while creating a Group
  • Make viewer properly handle 'URL redirect' for http textures
  • Bumpmaps failed to load
  • 'Wear' button should become disabled and a loading indicator should appear next to the outfit name
  • Outfit contents in My Outfits tab should sort by types
  • Enable filter in My Outfits tab
  • Create a cheaper call stack tracing tool
  • It takes long time to finish downloading baked textures
  • Inventory caps is causing recursive inventory fetch on login
  • Create and integrate correct art for all appearance sidepanel buttons
  • Extra gear menu button bar & divider
  • Enable inventory search for add wearables panel
  • Non-empty syswell window can't be opened
  • A "." can be entered into an object's price field
  • Item isn't added into 'Clothing' accordion after '+' button on 'Add to Outfit:' panel is pressed
  • Terrain has holes when camera rotates while Lighting & Shadows enabled
  • Reflect ATI 3200 as a class 0 card
  • Sometimes Object icon is shown for residents in nearby toasts
  • Owner name is shown instead of object name in 'Conversations' floater after 'ObjectGiveItem' notification was received
  • Disable local chat edit field for offline mode
  • Issue warning dialog when item is deleted that has links pointing to it
  • Hide 'paste as link' under Debug Setting ('InventoryLinking')
  • Make link items easier to distinguish from regular items
  • Change LLWearableDictionary to LLWearableType
  • Add shortcut-style icons for inventory links
  • Edit Outfit: Outfit title is not updated when an outfit is modified or a new one is worn
  • 'Unsaved changes' text remains on 'My Appearance' panel after first-run avatar has wore default outfit
  • Grey box appears when opening up calling cards, only partially populated
  • Short cuts ( links) to textures should show up in the texture picker
  • World Map - make teleport button green
  • 'Object: (Unknown)' message is shown in object's mini-inspector after it was opened from 'plain text' Nearby chat
  • IM group voice chat window hides after 'You have chosen to mute all participants...' notification from that window was resolved
  • Gesture list focus is moved to the UI after list scroller reaches the top or bottom of the list
  • 'Leave Call' button remains visible for one of p2p voice participant after second one ended call
  • 'Search' button stays enabled after Find window has been closed by (X)
  • Nothing happens after clicking on some verb buttons of 'My Inventory' side panel
  • Improve appearance of debug textures floater
  • Show load% and discard level for loading textures
  • '--grid' command-line argument does nothing
  • 'Add friend' item of context menu is enabled for multi-selected people in the Nearby list
  • Alpha mask checkboxes are not hooked up to the alpha mask wearable
  • Trees have more polys at low detail than at high detail
  • Negative top/bottom coordinates do the wrong thing with topleft layout
  • 'Turn left' tooltip appears if hover over right turn arrow on movement controls floater
  • Outfit Edit > Add items > List view should show only original items, not links
  • People side panel > My Groups tab: group mini-inspector is corrupted
  • New residents log in with "unsaved changes" to their appearance
  • Group profile > Roles accordion > Roles tab: state of 'Save' button changes to enabled after non-moderator avatar selected some text
  • Do not display "worn" objects in italics in inventory panels - bold + "worn" is enough of an indicator
  • Avatar "ruthed" on every other login
  • Reduce size of avatar textures floater
  • Gray squares appear on the world map
  • Single expansion accordions fail to remain on screen when expanded
  • Resize cursor does not appear if the only layout panel marked as user_resize=true is visible in Layout Stack
  • Update outfit selector (top-level) 'Save As' button
  • 7800 Go defaults to Atmospheric shaders on - causing a 50% frame rate hit
  • Right click on an accordion title should move selection to it
  • Not all buttons should be visible on the Bottom Bar by default
  • Prevent other avatars from remaining with a "ruth" shape
  • Side panel observers cause perceived Inventory loss
  • Force de-cloud after timeout using lower res textures
  • Avatar remains in Edit Appearance mode when tab is closed by clicking the t-shirt icon
  • Move Outfit Editor 'Add' button
  • Improve discoverability of sidebar Back button
  • Mini-Map should be square
  • Appearance > My Outfits: Outfit title highlighting is not updated correctly if more restrictive filter is applied after less restrictive
  • Modal alerts obscure any modal alerts that they spawn
  • Typing the first characters of a selection in a drop-down will ignore the first letter
  • Cropped horizontal scrollbar appears on 'Add Wearable' panel
  • Context menus for line editors don't work on login screen
  • Don't cache lower res baked textures

Translation and Localization Updates

Viewer 2.1 supports the following languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish

  • Updates include...
    • Corrected truncations in all supported languages
    • Corrected text overflows in all supported languages
    • Added missing translations in all supported languages
    • Updated translations for modified UI elements and notifications
    • Corrected EN date formats for localized viewers

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Known Issues


Crash when Right-Clicking a Folder Immediately Following Deleting/Purging Folders from Trash

  • After right-clicking and either deleting or purging an Inventory folder in Trash, right-clicking on any other folder will cause the Viewer to crash. The workaround is to left-click any Inventory folder - except Trash - before continuing right-click actions. This workaround will need to be repeated each time a right-click delete or purge action is completed in Trash.

NVIDIA Driver Crash in Mac Snow Leopard

  • VWR-19742 NVIDIA Driver Crash in aglSwapBuffers on Snow Leopard - Running a Mac configured with Snow Leopard 10.3 or 10.4 plus an NVIDIA graphics driver is known to crash in a broad range of circumstances. The most common occurrence of the crash is in 'aglSwapBuffers'. Though the crash occurs with some regularity, there is no reliable way to reproduce it, so we could really use your help. If your Mac is configured in this way, please turn on the Advanced menu (ctrl+alt+d), then enable the Develop menu (ctrl+alt+q), then go to 'Develop > Rendering > Debug GL' and turn it On. Please also be sure to send us your crash logs whenever you encounter this problem.

In Outfit Editor, 'Wear Item' Does Not Immediately Show New Item

  • When editing your current outfit (My Appearance > Edit this outfit) wearables added via Add More > selecting item > Wear Item will not appear on your avatar until you exit Edit Outfit mode. Potential workarounds include alt-zooming on your avatar, rebaking textures (Advanced > Rebake Textures), or a combination of the two.