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Release Notes for SL Viewer v2.6.3 (227447) - Second Life Release

Released April 26, 2011

Feature Highlights

  • Enhanced Body Physics! - Enhanced Body Physics allows you to configure realistic motion for your avatar across a number of points, making for a much more lifelike experience in Second Life. Because the physics are controlled by a wearable object, you can personalize your settings, just the way you want them. Whether you want lots of movement, or only a hint of it, the settings you choose apply only to your avatar. To learn more about using Enhanced Body Physics, you can read the Knowledge Base article here.

  • Support for Autobuild & Visual Studio 2010 - SL Viewer builds now support VS2010. If you're an open source developer and would like more information about what this means to you, check out the Viewer Autobuild wiki page.


  • VWR-25376 Fetch Inventory over HTTP using gzip compression

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • SH-1328 Crash on llwearabletype::getAllowMultiwear

Bug Fixes

  • SH-1308 Edit Physics sometimes messes up camera
  • SH-1319 Sometimes avatar body parts disappear completely due to avatar physics
  • SH-1385 [VWR-25453] Avatar Physics Spring Needs a Higher Limit
  • STORM-399 Users that have chatted within chat range of the user in-world are not added to Recent tab
  • STORM-1019 Add ability to display beacons for Media on a Prim objects
  • STORM-1077 Change "Voice Enabled/Disabled" to "Speak Button"
  • STORM-1086 Agent's own calling card created on startup is placed into Friends/All folder instead of Calling Cards
  • VWR-25415 Tattoo Layers no longer have ADD only WEAR
  • VWR-25421 [SH-1289] Unable to Add additional clothing layers via Inventory selection

Translation and Localization Updates

  • STORM-1072 [TRANSLATED BUT IN EN] in "Monde" > "Profil du lieu" > "À propos des terrains" > "Réglement" : "Estate / Full Region" is in English
  • VWR-24128 (Spanish) [ALTERNATIVE TRANSLATION] Preferences > Chat: "Utiliza la herramienta de traducción automática mientras utilizas el chat (mediante Google)"
  • VWR-24907 (Spanish) [MEANING] Incorrect translation: "Permitir ventanas emergentes de navegadores de medios"
  • VWR-24908 (Spanish) [TRUNCATION] [ALTERNATIVE TRANSLATION] "Mostrar mis hitos favoritos en Inicio de sesión (mediante el menú desplegable "Empezar en"
  • VWR-24911 (Spanish) [TRUNCATION] [better translation] "Se verá afectado el movimiento (por ejemplo, mediante las tec"

Source and Build Changes

  • OPEN-37 Cmake errors when using autobuild with Visual Studio 10(VS2010)
  • STORM-937 Path to python in /scripts/*.py file inconsistent
  • STORM-987 llimage_libtest: create an independent executable to exercise llimage outside the viewer
  • STORM-1022 [OPEN-24] Add fmodex in FindFMOD cmake module
  • STORM-1023 [OPEN-4] As an Open Source Developer, I would like to use Fmod in the autobuild system if i have the needed files already
  • STORM-1074 [VWR-24487] llurlentry_stub.cpp:196: error: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'
  • STORM-1088 2.6.1 build 223988 fails to initialize
  • STORM-1090 Decreased Font Size in Autobuilt viewers
  • STORM-1121 llimage_libtest does not build on Linux
  • STORM-1130 Top Scripts/Colliders: Date/time sorting is broken (sorts lexically)
  • STORM-1132 [OPEN-39] (standalone) bitpack_test.o: No such file or directory

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Known Issues


Possible Startup Crashes on Windows 7

  • STORM-1141 [VWR-25444] Win7 64-bit: 2.6.5 Beta 1 crashes on startup if locale differs from English
  • STORM-1188 Win7: 2.6.5 Beta 1 crashes on startup sometimes when using specific cache dir

'Search' and 'World Map' Links in Nearby Side Panel are Inactive

  • VWR-25581 'Search' and 'World Map' links in Sidebar are not clickable

Contents of Web Profile vanishing for some users

  • WEB-3750 The contents of some users' web profiles are occasionally disappearing - this applies to profiles viewed both inworld and from the web

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 2.6.3 (227447), 2.6.2 (225998), and 1.23 (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 2.6.5 (226800).