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Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Release Notes for v3.3.4 (264214) - Second Life Viewer

Released September 4, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Resolved Issues

  • EXP-1928 Viewer: Update flow for changing Maturity preferences on TP attempt
  • EXP-1937 Viewer: Alter copy for checkboxes to limit estate and/or parcel to age-verified
  • EXP-1940 Viewer: Agent is not teleported after changing maturity setting from modal dialog
  • EXP-1941 Viewer: Remember to remove debug settings before merging back into trunk
  • EXP-1942 Viewer: User can receive mixed dialogs if network error occurs when accepting a maturity change
  • EXP-1943 Viewer: Other notification copy changes
  • EXP-1944 Viewer: User not given notification that maturity settings have been changed when trying to buy land above their maturity setting
  • EXP-1945 Viewer: Viewer reporting a server message on teleport failure that includes the term validate your age
  • EXP-1946 Teleport failed dialog to an age verified region contains references to age verification
  • EXP-1947 Under 18 user sees reference to moderate and adult preferences in toast notifications on teleport attempts
  • EXP-1948 Viewer: User does not receive toast notification that maturity preferences have been changed on accepting change
  • EXP-1949 Two of same notification names shown in Notifications section of Preferences
  • EXP-1950 Viewer: Region crossing change preference dialog mentions teleports
  • EXP-1953 Viewer: Update flow for changing maturity preference on TP via Lure
  • EXP-1959 Multiple notifications to change preferences given when entering Adult portal on Destination Island
  • LLSD-30 problems with iterators and size() for an array of maps
  • MAINT-74 [PUBLIC]Crash when editing prim attachments while wearing "Petites" mesh avatars created by Yabusaka Loon.
  • MAINT-119 [PUBLIC]no-transfer textures not searchable via texture picker
  • MAINT-462 [PUBLIC]Buy Contents Window Misrepresenting Actual Contents
  • MAINT-516 [crashhunters] crash on startup at LLWindowWin32::switchContext(int,LLCoordScreen const &,int,LLCoordScreen const * const) [secondlife-bin llwindowwin32.cpp]
  • MAINT-583 Projectors do not reflect when Shadows are set to None
  • MAINT-586 Activating shadows causes complete graphics failure
  • MAINT-616 Abysmal performance on Geforce 560ti
  • MAINT-622 Alpha on clothing acts like an invisprim under advanced lighting
  • MAINT-639 Random rainbow effects on textures
  • MAINT-753 [crashhunters] crash at LLVOVolume::updateFaceFlags()
  • MAINT-775 Viewer grinds to a halt when exploring Insilico
  • MAINT-779 [PUBLIC]Crash on all settings besides LOW (debug gl, radeon xpress 200m)
  • MAINT-798 [PUBLIC]Some part of Build dialog is presented under Object profile dialog for objects that for sale
  • MAINT-841 [PUBLIC]Folder "Lost and found" isn't cleaned
  • MAINT-847 [crashhunters] crash on startup on ATI Radeon 1100 and 1200 series
  • MAINT-861 [PUBLIC]Viewer 3.3.0 CONTINUES to crash on exit: ERROR: LLRender::loadIdentity: ASSERT (mMatrixMode < NUM_MATRIX_MODES)
  • MAINT-862 [PUBLIC]Sounds aren't played at first attempt
  • MAINT-869 [PUBLIC]The build-(tools-)window pops open if the dragged object under your mouse dies or gets deleted.
  • MAINT-870 [PUBLIC]Viewer crashes on every login: ERROR: LLVertexBuffer::allocateBuffer: Bad vertex buffer allocation: 70272 : 105408
  • MAINT-871 [PUBLIC]Crash client after trying to upload mesh
  • MAINT-922 Client side code to catch the SCRIPT_PERMISSION_TELEPORT request from simulator and display a notification
  • MAINT-926 [PUBLIC]IMs from objects appear only as notifications, not in local chat history, in some circumstances, making the sending prim untraceable (and impossible to mute)
  • MAINT-939 In the latest RC, client crashes when one attempts to EDIT an object while using a windows machine with an ATI graphics card.
  • MAINT-940 Spelling error in Favorites Bar source
  • MAINT-966 [PUBLIC]typo on viewer Second Life 3.3.2 (253914) Apr 14
  • MAINT-1022 child targetomega objects are orbiting incorrectly in viewmaster
  • MAINT-1078 Merchant Outbox import failures
  • MAINT-1079 Viewer should throttle AgentUpdate messages based on the simulator FPS
  • MAINT-1123 Inventory looses focuse after Drag & Drop
  • MAINT-1144 [crashhunters] crash at LLPluginProcessParent::idle()
  • MAINT-1204 Viewer crashes when using texture picker
  • MAINT-1228 Can not put more than one object into the contents of an object
  • MAINT-1223 Prim faces bearing textures with alpha channels are appearing opaque until selected.
  • MAINT-1270 Flexi softness of 1 causes prims to become flat at lower LODs
  • MAINT-1271 Bug or Change in latest Devs & Beta viewers breaks Opacity flipping animated Mesh technique
  • MAINT-1346 Auto-updater detect legacy Macs
  • MAINT-1455 Media Texture not visually updated correctly
  • STORM-276 Inline spellchecker on local chat, group chat, profile-editing, IM, and other text-entry boxes as appropriate.
  • STORM-1703 Review and Update the list of software in the Licenses tab in Help > About Second Life
  • STORM-1738 Add autoreplace macros to chat
  • STORM-1812 Music stream does not always restart after teleporting
  • STORM-1820 Discoverability of the menu that opens the Block List is difficult
  • STORM-1839 Banlines need to be extended from 768 meters to 5000 meters now that explicit ban height has been changed.
  • STORM-1842 Don't save per-account settings if login not fully successful
  • STORM-1845 Move "Show HUD Attachments" (Alt+Shift+H) from Advanced-> "Highlighting and Visibility" to Me - menu
  • STORM-1852 Altitude display stutters or is clamped when flying higher than 4096m
  • STORM-1858 [TRUNCATED] FR - String truncation and floater not wide enough in the upload model window
  • STORM-1860 Remove obsolete code and file(s) for mesh model upload wizard
  • STORM-1861 Media auto-play is off - but music stream starts to play anyway when teleport fails
  • STORM-1862 The left-hand border of the input field for IMs is missing
  • STORM-1863 minor llmath BOOL->bool improvements
  • STORM-1866 Viewer crashes while user types space char as a first symbol in nearby chat
  • STORM-1870 Avatar tracking beacon doesn't get disabled if DESTINATION_REACHED_RADIUS is reached
  • STORM-1872 A line break is missing in ..\app_settings\settings.xml
  • STORM-1880 File of dictionary disappears from its path while import dictionary
  • STORM-1881 'Import' dialog is not closed with 'Spell checker' dialog
  • STORM-1882 User is not able to remove added dictionary at once after it was moved to 'Available' list
  • STORM-1883 User dictionary can not be set as main dictionary
  • STORM-1887 Added words are not saved in dictionaries if main dictionary was reselected
  • STORM-1889 There is no any warning that language was not specified while importing dictionary
  • VWR-29228 Nvidia cards running the GeForce 304.79 BETA drivers : Hot pink textures when basic shaders are enabled.

In addition, there are a number of security issues that are resolved with this release.

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Known Issues


Direct Delivery issues with Linux viewers

  • VWR-28629 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build

Anti-aliasing issues in Ubuntu

  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600

Server release notes URL

  • SVC-7598 Error fetching server release notes URL.

Errors when teleporting

  • VWR-29226 Multiple Teleports Causing Errors.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.3.4 (264214), 3.3.3 (260300), 3.3.2 (258114), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.3.4 (261355). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.