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Release Notes for v3.5.1 (274821) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

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Released on April 29, 2013.

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Resolved Issues


Fixes in Beta 1

  • CHUI-796 User doesn't get all messages in 'do not disturb' mode
  • CHUI-807 crash in LLTabContainer::setTab(int)
  • CHUI-811 Too much spacing around the new chat UI elements
  • CHUI-886 Time in front of the name is not displayed when the Conversations size is reduced to a minimum.
  • CHUI-896 Line flashing and FUI button flashing not working correctly for CHUI notifications
  • CHUI-904 Focus is not presented in edit field of Nearby chat after chat was opened
  • CHUI-907 Log warnings to review
  • DRTVWR-310 Merge Sunshine v1 code
  • MAINT-598 SH-2852 Textures with transparency show a grey background in all texture preview UI controls instead of the de-facto standard of a checkerboard pattern
  • MAINT-1099 Editing appearance from inventory does not open correct section in appearance floater
  • SH-3142 As a tester, I want to remove the black teleport screen so I can see the fetch order of new objects.
  • SH-3171 Add new appearance request cap to project viewer
  • SH-3172 Add debug setting to disable new server side pipeline
  • SH-3226 modify updateAppearanceFromCOF to handle new baking pipeline
  • SH-3228 update processAvatarAppearance for new pipeline
  • SH-3229 disable cached bake request code when new bake pipeline enabled.
  • SH-3230 Disable baked texture readback & upload under new pipeline
  • SH-3231 Process new texture fetch url from login.cgi
  • SH-3258 Switch to locally-generated avatar textures when in appearance editing mode
  • SH-3261 Ensure local parameters and textures survive until a server-generated message is received
  • SH-3264 Start porting over the wearable class structure
  • SH-3267 Add sequence id to appearance message and update request (viewer)
  • SH-3310 (Region Handshake) Logging into Sunshine viewer on region without server side baking shows no baked textures and clouds
  • SH-3312 Server generated textures not shown when exiting appearance editor without saving any changes
  • SH-3324 Investigate possibility of extracting layerset code
  • SH-3339 Bump COF Version and request rebake on wearable edit
  • SH-3344 Local rendering sometimes shows nudity or previous appearance
  • SH-3347 sunshine Create demo of back end texture baking service
  • SH-3429 Handle failures of baking service, texture request
  • SH-3430 Looking for bakes in all the wrong places
  • SH-3469 Handle crossing with old appearance from non-SB to SB region
  • SH-3484 Sometimes fail to switch to server-baked texture
  • SH-3493 Multiple LLTexLayerStaticImageList::deleteCachedImages messages shown in log when editing clothing
  • SH-3500 setParamLocation warning when changing outfits in Sunshine Internal Viewer
  • SH-3530 Request appearance update after save when in outfit edit
  • SH-3534 rebake textures (Ctrl-Alt-R) does not reset mUseServerBakes in non-bake regions
  • SH-3541 Incorrect local appearance display
  • SH-3546 Sometimes fail to switch to local textures
  • SH-3562 Investigate viewer robustness to inventory-loading issues
  • SH-3563 Merge viewer_development to sunshine-internal
  • SH-3591 Avatar textures can get out of synch for you and others when closing appearance floater
  • SH-3594 some old clothing assets crash the sunshine viewer.
  • SH-3600 Using Save back button does not bake wearable changes and Undo Changes remains active when reentering the Edit Outfit.
  • SH-3604 monitor/retry copy, link
  • SH-3606 infrastructure cleanup for inventory ops
  • SH-3620 Outfit editor changes are not always applied to in world avatar
  • SH-3625 Occasionally after changing the tint of an avatars piece of clothing the original tint is flashed when the edited piece is saved via the back button.
  • SH-3629 ordering of items within outfit not always preserved
  • SH-3632 Editing shape and hitting undo changes in appearance editor does not consistently clear changes
  • SH-3639 My avatar skin says "Cof Version Mismatch"
  • SH-3645 Edititing a wearable changes its position relative to other wearables of the same type
  • SH-3649 Newly created pants or underwear do not show in server baked textures
  • SH-3650 Turning off alpha mask does not update in appearance editor
  • SH-3651 Beard edits not visible correctly to yourself and others in server baked textures
  • SH-3779 Fail to download textures for non-self avatars with server-bake appearance in non-server-bake regions
  • SH-3780 handle appearance version param in processAvatarAppearance()
  • SH-3792 Permanent cloud for other avatars (bad texture? bake upload low res.)
  • SH-3798 Server bakes incorrect / differ from local bakes
  • SH-3800 Manage baked texture origin data consistently, detect errors.
  • SH-3803 Missing clothing in database notifications given in Sunshine viewer but not release viewer
  • SH-3806 Test case for local bakes being very wrong (!)
  • SH-3812 Add feature to viewer to force rebake if on an old simulator and new system is unavailable.
  • SH-3850 Own pants remain gray after login
  • SH-3852 update viewer metrics for opentsdb compatibility
  • SH-3859 Adding or removing clothing in Appearance edit mode are visible to other users on Sunshine regions
  • SH-3860 New account created (from sl registration) with first login on sunshine region shows as cloud to others and grey to self
  • SH-3864 Closing the Inventory window exits outfit editing.
  • SH-3867 Final appearance metrics packet not received by sim
  • SH-3891 Additional rez metrics tweaks as needed
  • SH-3892 Body parts in Edit Outfit are not presented after adding new clothing
  • SH-3895 LLInventoryModelFetchDescendentsResponder error after moving from non-SB region to SB region
  • SH-3896 Adding a folder to outfit behaves like Replacing outfit by the folder
  • SH-3899 COF Mismatch error reports
  • SH-3909 Support varying avatar heights in the SL viewer
  • SH-3910 local bake textures are incorrect
  • SH-3932 Add cof contents to appearance request message if in some suitable debug mode.
  • SH-3941 local bake textures are incorrect #2
  • SH-3944 Merge CHUI code to sunshine-internal
  • SH-3954 Updates made in appearance editor not visible in appearance editor but show in resulting server bakes
  • SH-3959 Make sure baked textures cache and load from cache correctly.
  • SH-3975 Server baked textures load blurry, appears to be decoding issue.
  • SH-3978 Unsaved changes and Save options not shown after adding new pants to outfit
  • SH-3980 Investigate and fix blurry bakes issue.
  • SH-3985 Avatar takes off worn physics while saving changed physics
  • SH-4001 Adding Alpha Mask on SLS region does not bake correctly
  • SH-4014 Appearance updates not sent to nearby users after editing outfit on server bake region until force rebake
  • SH-4034 outfit wearable changes to be broadcast only after outfit edit mode is exited
  • SH-4039 CLONE - Fix for SH-3941/SH-3954 causes bake fail on non-SSB regions
  • SH-4044 Voice dot is offset from the avatar by the hover height
  • SH-4050 camera points at the sky when Hover is set to 0 on a SLS region
  • SH-4051 Problem with teen accounts and undershirt/underpants layers stacking since maturity setting changes in the viewer
  • SH-4057 Host baked textures try to fetch from http, should be UDP
  • SH-4058 Remove excess logging in sunshine-stable
  • SH-4059 Other avatars' hover setting affects your own hover setting.
  • SUN-28 Adding a folder to outfit behaves like Replacing outfit by the folder
  • SUN-57 Fix for SH-3941/SH-3954 causes bake fail on non-SSB regions
  • VWR-28805 SH-3058 Texture failure in latest SL viewer.

Fixes in Beta 2

  • DRTVWR-313 Merge Sunshine Beta 2 crash fixes
    • BUG-2236 Bulk Delete on Unassociated Inventory results in Error message
      • WEB-4567 Bulk Delete does not work on Unassociated Inventory if listing exists
    • SH-4125 Crash on shutdown in logMetricsTimerRecord()
    • SH-4127 CLONE - [crashhunters] crash in LLViewerObject::processTaskInvFile

Fixes in Beta 3

  • DRTVWR-314 merge sunshine fixes for beta 3
    • SUN-72 The SSA viewer builds cannot write to paths containing special characters resulting in most worn items missing from database and viewer logs and chat logs do not save. Viewer sometimes crashes at login.
      • SH-4132 CLONE - The SSA viewer builds cannot write to paths containing special characters resulting in most worn items missing from database and viewer logs and chat logs do not save. Viewer sometimes crashes at login.

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • MAINT-1931 Viewer crashes on Mac when devices (e.g. USB headset or a second monitor) are plugged in or unplugged
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build
  • SVC-7598 Error fetching server release notes URL.
  • VWR-29226 Multiple Teleports Causing Errors
  • BUG-1006 Viewer freezes while taking snapshot on OS X 10.6.8
  • BUG-1596 Viewer randomly crashes when uploading image to my inventory
  • BUG-2365 Changing 'Body fat' value makes you fall under ground
  • SH-4063 User does not see their update to hover state, but other users do
  • CHUI-911 [CHUIBUG]When Chat side of Conversations floater is reduced to it's minimum width the scroll bar is half-obscured.
  • SH-4064 Your own nametag may disappear when editing your hover value on shape
  • SH-4056 Changes to hover state show before saving shape but then not after while still in editing mode
  • SH-4060 Setting hover to a low value causes it to be set to an even lower value.
  • SH-3331 LLCore::HttpOpRequest::readCallback warning in secondlife.log after ViewerAssetMetrics sent
  • CHUI-912 [CHUIBUG]Cancelling an inventory search before the search is complete results in blank inventory contents
  • CHUI-796 User doesn't get all messages in 'do not disturb' mode
  • CHUI-797 Only one separated conversation window is shown after exiting from mouselook view
  • CHUI-838 [CHUIBUG]Opening chat history for groups only works once per session, if at all
  • SUN-63 Avatar sits in the air if set "Hover 100" and click "Sit here" on the ground
  • SH-4050 camera points at the sky when Hover is set to 0 on a SLS region
  • CHUI-872 [CHUIBUG]Torn off chats with message panel hidden sometimes disappear after entering and exiting mouselook
  • SH-4099 Avatar sits in the air if set "Hover 100" and click "Sit here" on the ground

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Supported Versions


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.5.1 (274821), 3.5.0 (273444), 3.4.5 (270263), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.5.1 (274588). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers page.