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Release Notes for v3.5.3 (276452) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version {{{version}}}

Released on May 28, 2013.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Resolved Issues

  • CHOP-947 Version meta-data is not included in TeamCity build results page.
    • CHOP-920 Update login.cgi to query Viewer Version Manager
      • CHOP-913 Viewer changes for parallel candidate testing
  • CHOP-948 The setting "Willing to update to release candidates" cannot be disabled.
  • CHUI-967 Crash on startup
  • MAINT-2628 Almost instant repeatable crash at a particular location
  • MAINT-2724 3.5.2 Viewer Crashing on Windows 7 with new accounts
  • NORSPEC-196 CLONE - Regular 1/4 second "Idle" frame pauses in Materials Beta 3.6.0 (276155)

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build
  • SVC-7598 Error fetching server release notes URL.
  • VWR-29226 Multiple Teleports Causing Errors
  • BUG-2425 Textures are black with turned on Atmospheric shaders
  • BUG-1006 Viewer freezes while taking snapshot on OS X 10.6.8
  • BUG-1596 Viewer randomly crashes when uploading image to my inventory
  • BUG-2365 Changing 'Body fat' value makes you fall under ground
  • CHUI-911 [CHUIBUG]When Chat side of Conversations floater is reduced to its minimum width the scroll bar is half-obscured.
  • SH-3331 LLCore::HttpOpRequest::readCallback warning in secondlife.log after ViewerAssetMetrics sent
  • SH-4050 camera points at the sky when Hover is set to 0 on a SLS region
  • SH-4060 Setting hover to a low value causes it to be set to an even lower value.
  • CHUI-797 Only one separated conversation window is shown after exiting from mouselook view
  • CHUI-838 [CHUIBUG]Opening chat history for groups only works once per session, if at all
  • SUN-63 Avatar sits in the air if set "Hover 100" and click "Sit here" on the ground
  • SH-4063 User does not see their update to hover state, but other users do
  • SH-4064 Your own nametag may disappear when editing your hover value on shape
  • SH-4056 Changes to hover state show before saving shape but then not after while still in editing mode
  • SH-4099 Avatar sits in the air if set "Hover 100" and click "Sit here" on the ground

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Supported Versions


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.5.3 (276452), 3.5.1 (274821), 3.5.0 (273444), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.5.2 (275985). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers page.