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Release Notes for v3.6.2 (278900) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version {{{version}}}

Released on July 24, 2013.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This latest batch of maintenance fixes includes a particle system selector for muting particles.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1028 [PUBLIC]Crash on Attempted Upload of Certain Rigged Mesh DAE File
  • MAINT-1345 Mesh outfits do not load the correct LoD when first viewed if mesh scale is small.
  • MAINT-1514 Viewer crashes while user trying to invite all friends to the group
    • MAINT-2329 multiple warnings when group add friends invite > 100
  • MAINT-1760 Logging in with graphics set to Low results in both in-region and void water glowing - Beta viewer only
  • MAINT-1874 Viewer needs more logging for ScriptTeleportRequest message
    • BUG-701 Map continually comes up on screen after having used an llMapDestination based tp unit inworld
      • SVC-7554 World map randomly pops up.
      • SVC-1038 Throttle llMapDestination to prevent "map bombing".
  • MAINT-2040 Mesh clothing color change not visible to other people
  • MAINT-2053 Garbangles on rigged attachments with Vertex Buffer Objects enabled
  • MAINT-2080 Remove wrong assert in LLMenuOptionPathfindingRebakeNavmesh::quit()
  • MAINT-2086 Unusual graphics settings in latest Beta 3.4.3
  • MAINT-2087 XML issues in new panel_preferences_graphics1.xml
  • MAINT-2109 Viewer support for script constants for Neck and Avatar Center attachment points
    • MAINT-2078 Scripted objects worn on Neck and Avatar Center show as "MissingString (Bad attachment point)" in script limits avatar panel
      • MAINT-2106 Simulator support for Script constants for Neck and Avatar Center attachment points
    • MAINT-2106 Simulator support for Script constants for Neck and Avatar Center attachment points
  • MAINT-2121 [Public] Group members with limited powers disable 'Show Place in Search (L$30/week)' every time they change the parcel music URL
  • MAINT-2123 remove WARNINGS in viewer log about unknown local_id's in KillObject message handler
  • MAINT-2136 Add debug toggle to enable Depth of Field while in edit mode
  • MAINT-2147 crash in LLTextureCache::writeToFastCache on OSX
  • MAINT-2150 super-large images do not fill frame completely.
  • MAINT-2152 MAINT-628 High res snapshots tiling fix breaks custom screenshot resolution
  • MAINT-2158 Particle grievance - limit particles at low viewer fps
  • MAINT-2167 Sculpts failing to rez
  • MAINT-2195 Terrain textures are different for each session
  • MAINT-2223 Scroll list columns resize feature broken
  • MAINT-2252 GPU Table maintenance
  • MAINT-2268 Particle system selector
  • MAINT-2288 Physics Shapes Not Showing When Objects Are Linked Using Beta Viewer 3.4.4 (268697)
  • MAINT-2326 New viewer restart notifications appear when logging in if not closed before logging out
  • MAINT-2347 Feature Request - Mesh transfer is limited to 30 seconds per transfer. Should only time out from lack of updates.
  • MAINT-2355 Rigged attachments corrupt on Intel HD Graphics with hardware skinning enabled
  • MAINT-2368 viewer removes textures behind me from cache
  • MAINT-2666 Implement Google Breakpad as an out process.

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build
  • NORSPEC-275 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.
  • NORSPEC-259 crash in LLRenderTarget (LLRenderTarget::copyContentsToFramebuffer: Cannot copy framebuffer contents for non FBO render targets.) in Materials beta only
  • CHUI-838 [CHUIBUG]Opening chat history for groups only works once per session, if at all
  • NORSPEC-246 CLONE - Shiny objects or objects with reflections look shiny white
  • NORSPEC-262 Dragging and dropping a normal map onto an object it will apply as the diffuse texture to a single face
  • NORSPEC-267 Observing avatar does not see materials updates to object which he cannot edit, but has selected
  • NORSPEC-274 Overblown bloom with corrupt pixels on MacOS 10.6.8