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Release Notes for v3.7.21 (296736) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on November 17, 2014.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Reduced pipelined texture and mesh fetching timeout so that stalled connections fail quickly allowing earlier retry. Timeout value changed from 150 seconds to 60 seconds.

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Resolved Issues

  • BUG-7686 Avatars are not coming on viewer
  • BUG-7687 nothing is rezing in SL,, av's are all gray and textures will not rez
  • BUG-7688 Since the last restarts I cant seen to see things i rez from my inventory or wear mesh in my inventory. I have done numerous clean installs of the latest LL viewer. I have also made sure I am not running the beta version of the AMD CCC.
  • BUG-7690 Textures and Meshes abruptly stopped rendering
  • BUG-7691 won't rezz properly
  • BUG-7694 Textures and meshes loading slow or refusing to load
  • BUG-7698 Textures much slower to load on a CDN region then on a clone of the same region not running CDN

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-809 Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • MAINT-3200 WL Haze effects are inconsistent between solid and transparent objects under water.
  • MAINT-3197 Rigged alpha attachments don't render for impostors.
  • MAINT-3198 Legacy bumpiness renders funny on HUD faces with custom alpha mode
  • MAINT-3213 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.
  • MAINT-4158 Avatar distorted when changing outfits
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build