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Release Notes for v3.7.31 (302677) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on June 18, 2015.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Second Life Viewer-Managed Marketplace

This viewer allows Merchants to manage inventory associated with Marketplace Listings from within the viewer. In addition to making management of Marketplace Listings easier, sale of items that Merchants do not have the right to copy will now be supported with Viewer-Managed Marketplace.

For more information on VMM, see the Knowledge Base article:

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Resolved Issues

  • DD-264 [VWR] Empty version folder allowed to be active listing and delivered
  • DD-281 [VWR] Review empty stock folder unlisting behavior
  • DD-282 [VWR] Unassociated / archived listing behavior
  • DD-284 [VWR] Stock folder contents should only count as 1 in MaxItemCount for version folder
  • DD-286 [VWR] Stock folders are allowed to contain other folders and stock folders and empty folders count toward count on hand
  • DD-287 [VWR] New listing folder is not in focus and name is shifted down when using + button in Unassociated tab
  • DD-289 [VWR] VMM viewer freezes for 10 seconds the first time the Marketplace Listings floater is opened each session
  • DD-291 [AIS] Changes made to VMM listings on the marketplace are not updated in the Marketplace Listings floater until viewer is relogged.
  • DD-292 [VWR] Drag and drop error with stock folders and max item count
  • DD-293 [VWR] Viewer crash when modifying stock folders moved back into inventory from Marketplace Listings floater
  • DD-294 [VWR] No copy item not shown in inventory when stock folder dragged back into inventory
  • DD-296 [VWR] When a copiable item or folder is put in the Marketplace listings floater, it is removed from inventory instead of copied
  • DD-297 [VWR] VMM Viewer takes about 10 seconds longer to load than release with Inventory2 Tester large inventory account
  • DD-298 [VWR] On Agni Merchant Outbox shows beta notice for non merchant
  • DD-299 [VWR] URL hard coded somewhere in viewer?
  • DD-300 [VWR] Drop zone for Marketplace Listing floater (similar to Merchant Outbox)
  • DD-301 [VWR] Support filtering by listing folder to make it easier to find and work with Marketplace Listings.
  • DD-303 [VWR] Automatically activate version folder if there is only one when creating or associating a listing
  • DD-305 [VWR] Dragging several folders from Marketplace to Inventory leads to an empty and unusable Marketplace floater
  • DD-306 [VWR] Audit improvements
  • DD-319 [VWR] Improve error messages in viewer
  • DD-320 [VWR] Improved error message(s)
  • DD-321 [VWR] Dragging non matching stock item into existing stock folder creates new listing
  • DD-322 [VWR] Viewer crash when attempting to list folder containing invalid stock folder
  • DD-329 [VWR] Associating listing id with new inventory can result in listing being archived
  • DD-332 [SLM] [VWR] Viewer becomes stuck in infinite loop of SLM Unprocessable Entity error when a stock folder becomes empty
  • DD-335 [VWR][SLM] Over 1 minute stall in Viewer when opening Marketplace Listings floater with 10,000 listings
  • DD-337 [VWR][SLM] Non specific error related to listing given when attempting to activate an invalid version folder on an active listing
  • DD-338 [VWR] Stock listing runs out of stock behavior in viewer
  • DD-339 [VWR] Show indicator that work is happening while loading the marketplace listings floater
  • DD-348 [AIS] Incorrect error messages shown for some validations
  • DD-362 [VWR] Limit stock folder contents to 200 items per folder
  • DD-368 [VWR] User that is not a merchant or does not have access to VMM sees loading screen only when opening Marketplace Listings floater
  • DD-369 [VWR] Objects drag and drop does not work unless disabling notification regarding items being copied not moved
  • DD-371 Drop item in the marketplace doesn't work if confirmation dialog shows up
  • DD-380 [AIS] Stock remaining is not correct after a purchase
  • DD-381 [VWR] count_on_hand value incorrect if copying multiple stock units to a stock folder
  • DD-382 [VWR] count_on_hand -1 (unlimited) getting sent on listing creation for a listing with a stock item
  • DD-384 [VWR] Purchasing last stock item does not fully remove the reference to that item from the stock folder for merchant
  • DD-385 Delete option is absent in the Actions drop down on a listing under Manage Listings
  • DD-388 [VWR] Stock listings can become unlisted if Marketplace Listings floater opened while inventory is being fetched

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-3198 Legacy bumpiness renders funny on HUD faces with custom alpha mode
  • MAINT-3213 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.