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Release Notes for v3.8.5 (305531) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on September 30, 2015.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Big batch of Maintenance work to improve performance, fix bugs, address feature requests and give Second Life love.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1237 WorldMap does not Show "Land For Sale"-price tags for Zindra-Continent Adult Mainland properties
  • MAINT-14 [PUBLIC]Region message logged into nearby chat log has duplicated sender name
  • MAINT-1412 Avatar icons flash when looking at an objects profile
  • MAINT-1677 Explanation text doesn't disappear after creating "New classified" in the "Picks" dialog
  • MAINT-1693 Building Block Type is changed to Torus after cancel changing of texture for sculpted object
  • MAINT-1723 Snapshot is restored from the rash to the Texture folder instead of Photo folder
  • MAINT-176 [PUBLIC]IM windows don't keep their minimized state after mouselook
  • MAINT-1788 Not confirmed settings are applied during closing Viewer
  • MAINT-1850 Tabs without name of texture appear while user simultaneously opens some textures from object's content
  • MAINT-1968 Enabling Fly from movement floater does not focus camera on avatar unlike all other methods of enabling Fly
  • MAINT-2007 Feature Request - Clicking "Eject" needs a confirmation before execution when ejecting members from a group.
  • MAINT-2346 Feature Request - Add tally to Access List and Banned List in About Land menu.
  • MAINT-2567 LSL llSay(0, "") chat should not be sent to the viewer
  • MAINT-2577 Cannot detach wearables by pressing Enter in inventory
  • MAINT-302 [PUBLIC]Login screen menus flicker when mouse hovers over them
  • MAINT-3548 Horizontal & vertical offset values for normal & specular maps still randomly revert to previous settings when building.
  • MAINT-3560 LL viewers have unused setting MaxFPS in indra/newview/app_settings/settings.xml
  • MAINT-3597 Feature Request - Bumps, Pushes & Hits Improvements
  • MAINT-427 [PUBLIC]An error is displayed in the Media Settings home page preview
  • MAINT-4297 Mesh models sometimes fail to load completely
  • MAINT-4446 Alpha masking does not work when ALM is enabled if the object has a legacy bump set.
  • MAINT-4688 SL Vita Automations Impact: Cannot click on menu item 'World->Region/Estate' and 'Me/Movement/Walk / run / fly' using XUI path due to "/" character in the menu item names
  • MAINT-4763 Remove NoValidTimestamp from viewer
  • MAINT-4764 Investigate object updates for better child/root drawing on viewer
  • MAINT-4784 Teleport target should not be cleared when 'World Map' is in focus and a key is pressed
  • MAINT-4796 Crash in LLModelLoader::loadFromSLM when uploading mesh that had preexisting .SLM from newer viewer
  • MAINT-4893 Investigate a viewer option to limit rendering avatar near 0,0,0 and avoid ugly rendering glitches
  • MAINT-4900 With Admin Menu active it allows viewing of group info to non-members
  • MAINT-5001 Logging in and then quickly logging out removes stored favorite login locations
  • MAINT-5004 Snapshots posted to Facebook at current window size are terrible quality (fix provided)
  • MAINT-5015 Nearby objects often load at wrong LOD at login or after intra-region teleports
  • MAINT-5019 [MAINT-RC] Undesired "http://" added to domains sent in chat
  • MAINT-5021 Newly created landmark may have incorrect title if the parcel name is blank
  • MAINT-5026 256 prim linksets made of smaller prims frequently link only 254
  • MAINT-5042 SL Viewer Closes Unexpectedly in specific area with high RenderVolumeLODFactor
  • MAINT-5058 URLs truncating GET parameters
  • MAINT-5062 Non-default UI sizing breaks scroll bar functions
  • MAINT-5072 [HeatWave] snapshot window in snapshot
  • MAINT-5081 secondlife.log - WARNING: LLHTTPFeatureTableResponder 404 error
  • MAINT-5096 Camming is broken in freeze frame mode once snapshot is refreshed since the STORM-2040 changes
  • MAINT-5106 [MAC] if SL viewer is not running, clicking on SLURL launches viewer, BUT start location is not set
  • MAINT-5127 Maps URLs copied from gcal inherit linewraps that truncate urls upon paste
  • MAINT-5137 Warning sometimes appears at login - Alert: There was a problem saving the default permissions due to the following reason: Not Found. Please try setting the default permissions later. Default permissions do not load.
  • MAINT-5138 Second Life Viewer's window title is "Second Life " with a trailing space in Windows.
  • MAINT-5155 Unfortunate way to accidently permanantly delete outfits which bypasses Trash
  • MAINT-5170 Texture Info (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T) reports the same face multiple times
  • MAINT-5174 Add Check for Updates feature to Help menu
  • MAINT-5187 Add control for local logging of viewer stat packet contents
  • MAINT-5195 Text mismatch referencing Developer menu
  • MAINT-5201 'Chat history' option in context menu does not works for multiperson chat.
  • MAINT-5205 ‘Share’ button isn't disabled when worn item and few not worn items are selected
  • MAINT-5206 Nearby Chat floater and pop-out function missing/broken after relog, requires pop-back/bring-back and relog to fix.
  • MAINT-5207 Build: Snap to grid / Grid options broken, object snaps to incorrect Units
  • MAINT-5217 Unable to move an outfit to another folder - recent code changed removed this ability.
  • MAINT-5219 "Ban Member" from the group chatters list context menu is greyed out when you have the ability to manage the ban list
  • MAINT-5225 Viewer makes unnecessary requests to get group members
  • MAINT-5227 Changing premium access of an account with > 42 groups back to basic account shows negative number of groups that they can join
  • MAINT-5230 Viewer gets stuck clearing texture cache
  • MAINT-5233 Viewer fall into recourse and crash when try open chat floater
  • MAINT-5237 Everyone Roles are not allowed to view the member's list but the Viewer claims that it is retrieving the member list
  • MAINT-5240 Viewer will request the full group member list for group chat in some cases - need to remove this
  • MAINT-5250 Viewer should handle large number of calling cards better
  • MAINT-5270 Group members of large groups in a role which has "Invite people to this group" ability are not able to send group invites from RC regions
  • MAINT-5274 Inventory folder expand arrows always missing for folders created the previous session, missing inventory count & odd inventory fetching behaviour.
  • MAINT-5300 "Create new..." is always greyed out for skin, shape, hair & eyes in outfit folders of Appearance panel.
  • MAINT-5343 Viewer sometimes crashes when updating a local tga texture when RLE or BMP compression is disabled - LLImageTGA::decodeTruecolorNonRle
  • MAINT-5345 Unable to end IM voice call using context menu.
  • MAINT-5347 Newly created landmark may be titled (unknown) if the parcel name is blank
  • MAINT-5348 Abuse Report: change screenshot option to default YES
  • MAINT-5363 [Big Bird] Selecting an inventory item plus an inventory link displays delete menu twice but both delete options are greyed out.
  • MAINT-5364 Object with invalid sculpt topology type cannot be seen or selected
  • MAINT-5371 [MAINT-RC] Undesired space added to SL and LL (email) domains sent in chat
  • MAINT-5376 [Experience Tools] Improvement - Sort experiences by name in the LSL editor experience chooser drop down list.
  • MAINT-5389 Windows viewer starts automatically during silent install
  • MAINT-5390 physical objects that roll off region go to trash without notification
  • MAINT-5398 [BetaBreakers] TOS additional policy links cannot be scrolled or closed once opened
  • MAINT-5401 Automatic updates setting is confusing
  • MAINT-5426 Activating a group fails on first selection
  • MAINT-5428 No hovertext is created for links in Chat that have a path
  • MAINT-5433 [Project Notice] Viewer crashed after joining a group.
  • MAINT-5439 Gesture will not deactivate by using the deactivate button in inventory drop down menu
  • MAINT-5446 GUI update problem in Edit floater's content tab
  • MAINT-5451 A domain name without a top level domain should not be decorated.
  • MAINT-5463 Add hovertext to the "official link" badge in chat/IM, etc.
  • MAINT-5484 [Experience Tools] Experiences search resets the "Max Content Rating" back to general each time the experiences floater is opened.
  • MAINT-5488 [Experience Tools] Opening an experience compiled script in an object in an adjacent region fails to show the script is compiled with an experience in the script editor.
  • MAINT-5533 The fragment part of an URI is only shown if it contains a query part as well
  • MAINT-5627 No-copy item deleted after being sent to Merchant Outbox.
  • MAINT-797 [PUBLIC]UI elements from Place profile are visible in Edit pick floater if floater opacity is less than 100%
  • MAINT-839 [PUBLIC]Clicking a menu a second time does not close it.
  • MAINT-899 [PUBLIC]spaces are not replaced with %20 when copying SLurl on non-AGNI grids
  • MAINT-999 [PUBLIC]Script editor: Incorrect handling of "Save complete" message
  • SL-133 Mesh regions rigged to unknown joints can cause rendering problems.
  • SL-134 Some rigged attachments not handled correctly
  • SL-173 Find where an Experience is enabled
  • SL-193 [Experience Tools] Improvement - Add clickable info "i" icons for region & parcel Key,Allowed,Blocked experiences.

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 [MAINT-RC] Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.