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Release Notes for v4.0.6 (315924) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on June 02, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This is a Maintenace viewer release.


People floater:

Searching for avatars in Friends and Nearby is easier now - you will see Display Name [ username ] by default. Hide via View/Sort options -> Hide usernames.
Eject/Freeze added to Nearby floater context menus for easier griefing response.

Pathfinding notification:

“Rebake region” is right in the Pending changes notification toast now.

Object Bonus:

Added a warning dialogue to inform of potential massive autoreturn or impact to parcel prim budgets.

UI Scale:

UIScaleFactor, known internally as “dial-a-bug” can now be increased to 2.0. Dial at your own risk.


Appearance & JellyDolls:

  • Some cases of invisible avatars due to JellyDolls feature.
  • Appearance update was broken due to COF version getting out of synch. It will now be … *nsync.
  • Invisiprims are now preloaded and will remain transparent, not grey or black.
  • Maximum Complexity setting will be set to recommended setting on first run. A Default preset will be added based on recommended settings, but not applied, so your current graphics settings are unaffected.
  • Added “Show original” menu item to Appearance/Wearing tab.
  • Handled an unhandled error when deleting empty list of graphics presets.


  • Snapshots floater no longer gets stuck Saving to Inventory!

UI fixes:

  • You can minimize and un-minimize floaters all you want.
  • We won’t suddenly expand top folder in Inventory when you change a filter anymore.
  • Inventory floater: if you change settings in Recent tab, they’ll stick between logins now.
  • Japanese fonts fix for OS X El Capitan
  • You can now close the Build floater via Build menu when editing attachments in a no-build area.
  • Copy in Gestures panel will copy the name and not UUID of the gesture.
  • Notecards and Textures can no longer be deleted from the library.
  • Conversations floater won’t be covered by chat toasts. That was a regression from another fix, oops.
  • Various Minor UI cleanup (dead options, zombie labels, mesh upload naming, inventory tree indentation, error message on snapshot save, notification toast layout, worldmap search)


  • No more unlisting Marketplace listings when you edit them while inventory is still fetching.

Scripts & Particles:

  • PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE parameter no longer breaks scripts


  • We now prompt you to remove registry keys handling SL protocols during uninstall, instead of silently leaving them there.
  • We won’t request region capabilities twice when logging in anymore (thanks Ansariel!)
  • Wireframe mode: no more downloading surface textures.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1007 [PUBLIC]Context menu in Appearance/Wearing tab should contain "Show original" menu item
  • MAINT-1057 Cannot get focus for or close build floater using toolbar button when editing attachments in no-build area
  • MAINT-1513 Label of new folder doesn't disappear while closing Inventory by hot hey
  • MAINT-1639 map seach clears itself when you are at the first place in map search
  • MAINT-2022 "Copy" perform the same operation like "Copy UUID" in Gestures panel
  • MAINT-204 [PUBLIC] Top folder is expanded when my inventory filter is changed
  • MAINT-2063 User has an ability to delete Notecards,textures from library
  • MAINT-3286 Fix error message on snapshot save when user has no L$
  • MAINT-4220 UIScaleFactor: raise limit from 1.5 to at least 2.0
  • MAINT-438 [PUBLIC]UI/Color Settings opens non-functional "Debug Settings" floater when spawned before login
  • MAINT-5635 PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE breaks when replacing a particle system without it
  • MAINT-5692 In OS X El Capitan, when you run the viewer you won't see readable Japanese fonts.
  • MAINT-5786 Redundant sibling index suffix on uploaded mesh object names.
  • MAINT-5935 Print *server* timestamps in viewer logs so that viewer/server clock skew is immediately available.
  • MAINT-6220 enable searching of the friend list with the classic username of the avatar.
  • MAINT-6248 remove the 'OK' and place a 'Rebake region' button in "pending pathfinding changes" notification toast
  • MAINT-6273 Add Ban/Kick to Nearby people window
  • MAINT-6293 Notification toasts UI improvements
  • MAINT-6300 When logging in, the progress bar always says it is the 2nd attempt when requesting region capabilities
  • MAINT-6301 Inventory - Recent tab - setting changes do not persist between logins
  • MAINT-6302 Inventory tree indention displays incorrectly when dragging an open folder into another folder
  • MAINT-6320 Snapshot floater is stuck in 'Saving to Inventory' state.
  • MAINT-6352 Editing marketplace listings before inventory has fully fetched causes listings to be unlisted.
  • MAINT-6370 Second Life uninstall does not remove registry keys handling secondlife protocols
  • MAINT-6376 Viewer shouldn't download surface textures in wireframe mode
  • MAINT-6377 Nearby chat toasts cover the conversation floater.
  • MAINT-6383 Add SLT timestamp to Environment info from the viewer
  • MAINT-6400 Make the region "Object Bonus" setting safer
  • MAINT-6403 Appearance update is STILL broken after recent changes in 4.0.4 (314579)
  • MAINT-6408 viewer should allow password field entry greater than 16 bytes
  • MAINT-6409 reset texture_list_last.xml and texture_list_home.xml on install to support invisiprims
  • MAINT-6424 Quick Graphics - attempting to delete - empty list - preset throws an unhandled error
  • MAINT-6432 [QuickGraphics] The default settings for Maximum Complexity are not being set correctly
  • MAINT-6435 [QuickGraphics] Maximum Complexity defaults to No Limit on first run of a QuickGraphics viewer.

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.