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Release Notes for v5.0.3 (324435) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on March 13, 2017.

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Snapshot to email (Postcards) feature is working again!

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Release Notes


This is yet another Maintenance release with a ton of cleanup of issues new and old and a few new features!

New Features:

  • You can now set custom folders for uploading items: set inventory folder as default via right-click menu and chose type of upload. View settings via Preferences -> Uploads. (thanks for the Feature Request!)
  • Added link to Events in World menu


  • Fix to how we display avatar after a fresh inventory fetch (we’ll now display the avatar!)
  • Fix to properly save changes in wearables
  • Cap each attachment's render weight


  • We’ve reverted the change which caused Damage icon to not show in parcels that were damage-enabled. The Linden & TPV viewers’ should now behave identically in this regard.


  • /displayname and /completename no longer change when toggling “View Display Names”

Block List:

  • Added a tally of blocked and total limit.
  • Last item on blocklist is visible again

The Sun:

It was jumping around in some cases. It will now move like a celestial body should.

Editing/ Building:

  • Repeats per meter value is correctly saved now.
  • Object created while linkset is open is now shown in linkset list.
  • Select Face will now show selection for all faces.
  • Script Debug Floater was broken. It should now be useful again.
  • Object Contents wasn’t updated when object was worn from ground. Fixed that.


  • Cleaned up hanging texture downloads for better performance (thanks Ansariel).
  • Viewer Login was saving password when it wasn’t supposed to in some cases. No more.
  • Beacons are now shown in Mouselook again.
  • Teleport location selected from World Map no longer omits Z value.
  • Grid selection shortcut at login is fixed.
  • Crash Fixes in LLPanelEditWearable::isDirty(), LLFloaterIMContainer::visibleContextMenuItem(), LLViewerInventoryItem::updateServer(int), opening many scripts
  • Other minor bug fixes in Notecards, Communicate window, Teleport locations, Script error icon, Abuse report screenshots, Land impact shown in Edit menu, notifications console, Debug settings, UI bugs, custom spellcheck dictionary.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1245 Script error icon not displaying above agent when script error comes from a HUD
  • MAINT-1322 Avatar (A) sees the message in all chats from Avatar (B), which in the block list, after in Ad-hoc chat uncheck the "block text"
  • MAINT-1384 Grid selection menu at login not working Ctrl-Shift-g
  • MAINT-1689 The object that was created after opening Linkset is not presented in linkset list
  • MAINT-1747 After switch between tabs in Preferences radio buttons don't get focus once clicked
  • MAINT-1970 Inaccurate menu label in menu_gesture_gear
  • MAINT-2001 The width of columns cannot be changed in Inspect Object
  • MAINT-2159 Health Meter Not Aligned
  • MAINT-2193 Right half of Delete button in Pathfinding linksets window cannot be clicked.
  • MAINT-2438 When wearing 2 pair of identical pants, only one pair can be edited.
  • MAINT-2450 PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL disables mouse scroll wheel scrolling
  • MAINT-275 [PUBLIC]Beacons not showing in mouse look and ctrl - alt - shift - N shortcut not working in mouse look
  • MAINT-288 [PUBLIC]Content of opened 'Object contents' floater blinks during editing it's permissions
  • MAINT-3027 remove CameraAspectRatio from Debug Settings
  • MAINT-309 [PUBLIC]top and bottom cube faces do not show a selection silhouette
  • MAINT-3216 "Vertical scale" does not change "Repeats per meter" value when finish action by pressing "Tab"
  • MAINT-3609 The sun has inconsistent angular velocity
  • MAINT-4097 User never de-clouds with a large inventory after a fresh inventory fetch
  • MAINT-6899 Viewer should use fixed buttons instead of a scroll list for tabs in Appearance floater
  • MAINT-6959 Ability to set custom folders for uploading items
  • MAINT-6999 The viewer needs to cap each attachment's render weight to 1 million.
  • MAINT-7009 Revert MAINT-4576 Damage Icon always displays regardless of land setting
  • MAINT-7012 Crash in LLPanelEditWearable::isDirty()
  • MAINT-7021 "Statistics" floaters do not have a fixed size
  • MAINT-7022 Crash in LLFloaterIMContainer::visibleContextMenuItem()
  • MAINT-7024 Viewer requests release notes prior to initializing proxy
  • MAINT-7026 Teleport history info panel is shown when it shouldn't be after certain actions
  • MAINT-7029 Pop-up menu isn't shown in Place profile if all menu items are disabled
  • MAINT-7031 Feature Request: URI namespace for /displayname & /completename should perform as namesake implies regardless of "View Display Names" viewer setting.
  • MAINT-7034 Add link to from World menu
  • MAINT-7039 Typo: An error occured while checking for update.
  • MAINT-7048 Changes in wearables are not saved properly
  • MAINT-7056 Viewer crash when opening many scripts.
  • MAINT-7059 [contribution] Import of custom spellcheck dictionary fails silently
  • MAINT-7061 Don't show the release notes floater for local builds
  • MAINT-7067 Issue with UI artifacts showing up in Abuse Report screenshots.
  • MAINT-7072 Edit menu shows land impact of object you are sitting on instead of 0 when selecting your attachment(s).
  • MAINT-7082 Hanging texture downloads cause unnecessary performance hits
  • MAINT-7084 [Improvement] - Please add tally and limit values to Block list.
  • MAINT-7094 Adjust messages in the viewer for new xml tags
  • MAINT-7095 Detached and reduced nearby chat floater does not maintain its position through viewer restart.
  • MAINT-7096 The last item on the block list cannot be read
  • MAINT-7099 'IM' and 'Voice call' menu items should be disabled for the group, which you have already left
  • MAINT-7103 Feature Request: New URI namespace /legacyname
  • MAINT-7112 [MAINT-RC] URI namespace /completename is still affected by the Usernames viewer setting.
  • MAINT-7156 Sending a snapshot to email fails with error message "Please enter your email address"
  • MAINT-7161 Crash in LLViewerInventoryItem::updateServer(int)
  • MAINT-725 [PUBLIC]Script debug floater functionality is borked, rendering it completely useless for scripters
  • MAINT-838 [PUBLIC]leftClickShowMenu Debug option does not work.
  • MAINT-86 [PUBLIC]Object-contents aren't updated after wearing from ground
  • MAINT-897 [PUBLIC]Clicking a notecard link in a notecard saves it silently in inventory
  • MAINT-900 [PUBLIC]male gestures spelling mistake
  • MAINT-918 [PUBLIC]Newline not displayed correctly in communicate window
  • MAINT-930 [PUBLIC]Viewer saves your password whether you want it to or not
  • MAINT-965 [PUBLIC]Teleport location selected from ONLINE FRIENDS in WORLD MAP omits Z value for teleport
  • MAINT-7156 Sending a snapshot to email fails with error message "Please enter your email address"

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.