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Release Notes for v5.0.6 (326731) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on June 01, 2017.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Maintenance: Margarita is like a blender full of ice and goodness.

Shaker of assorted bugfixes:

  • Various weird regressions when the install path is unicode
  • UI fix to not make it seem like anyone can change estate access settings (no one could, but the viewer didn’t reflect that.
  • Crash fixes (Accordion tab in outfits, Changing outfits - thanks Cinder!, Saving snapshot, Highlighting an item with SLURL)
  • UI fix to synch right-click menus in Conversations
  • Fix for keyboard focus
  • Fix for freezing in About Second Life
  • Fix for slurl appearing instead of avatar name in chat.
  • Teleport routing override via “Create Landmark” had been broken by recent changes, and we unbroke it now. Didn’t know this was a thing? That’s why you should read release notes!

Other concoctions to help you hang on:

  • Permission request notification is now sticking around until you take action on it.
  • When your disk was too full to save a snapshot, we would save an empty one. Now we tell you that your disk is full and you need to clean up.
  • Updated viewer login failure message with more accurate info on contacting support.
  • Localization update

Changes to make sure getting Wasted away is intentional:

  • Fix for number of items in Trash calculation
  • Trash is full floater wasn’t showing in some conditions when it should have been. It will do as it should now.
  • Fix for when Trash version gets out of synch
  • A delete warning will now show up once every session to cut down on accidents
  • Trash purge message will include number of items deleted
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1094 after triggering a menu with control-F10, clicking in-world should move keyboard focus in-world
  • MAINT-1139 [crashhunters] Windows crash on Saving snapshot
  • MAINT-2060 Double Freeze when clicking on Help>About Second Life
  • MAINT-2585 FEATURE REQUEST: Make permission request notifications permanent until action taken
  • MAINT-5100 Unicode install path - missing sky files error at login
  • MAINT-6805 Right-click menus in the right and left panes of the Conversations windows are different
  • MAINT-7185 The new feature Preferences>Uploads localized partly in the Viewer
  • MAINT-7383 Revise notification for Empty Trash / Purge trash action to include number of items being deleted.
  • MAINT-7396 [JigglyPuff] Agent that is not estate owner or estate manager is able to toggle estate access settings.
  • MAINT-7417 "Trash floater" is not shown when removing your own object inworld when above InventoryTrashMaxCapacity limit
  • MAINT-7424 The number of items in the Trash is not calculated correctly if you delete a folder with several subfolders
  • MAINT-7431 Crash in LLAccordionCtrlTab::showAndFocusHeader()
  • MAINT-7434 SLURL instead of username appears in "...have said something new" text for some messages
  • MAINT-7436 [viewer-neko] Crash occurs when trying to highlight non-existent(or removed item) using SLURI
  • MAINT-7438 Always allow 'create landmark' allows group teleport routing override, however was removed.
  • MAINT-7443 Able to Block a user with Lastname Linden
  • MAINT-7455 Update Viewer Login error message