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Release Notes for v5.1.2 (512574) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on February 15, 2018.

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Release Notes


This release of the Viewer pulls in a raft of updates to the built in media support that were not quite ready to be integrated when the 64 bit Viewer (Alex Ivy) was released.

It is comprised of various fixes, updates, security patches and improvements for CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) that is the basis for the built in web browser and VLC that provides support for video media playback.

In addition fixes are included to Dullahan (the third party library that uses CEF) as well as all the media plugin code itself.

As per the Alex Ivy 64 bit viewer, there is no Linux version.


The option to not accept cookies has been removed due to complexities of not doing so in the in-viewer browser. For a more controlled cookie experience, an external full-featured browser may be better.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-7411 Distance attenuation not working for some media
  • MAINT-8056 [Alex Ivy] Images > 1024 pixels displayed with Shared Media/llSetLinkMedia() now have scrollbars where they did not previously.
  • MAINT-8083 Viewer opens extra windows with a choice of a file when uploading or downloading files via the CEF
  • MAINT-8095 [CEF] target="_blank" links in Media Browser do not spawn a new window.
  • MAINT-8097 [CEF] Popup windows in Media Browser load into the same window instead of spawning a new window.
  • MAINT-8099 Distracting "white flash" when an embedded browser starts up - e.g. Login page is almost unusable!
  • MAINT-8100 There is no error message when you navigate to an invalid or non-existent site in the Media Browser in SL
  • MAINT-8113 [CEF] drop down list does not open in CEF test viewer
  • MAINT-8114 [CEF] _internal link behaves differently in CEF test viewer than release
  • MAINT-8130 Update viewer with macOS version of Dullahan built against CEF 3.3239.1716.g735b746 / Chromium 63.0.3239.109
  • MAINT-8131 Update viewer with Windows version of Dullahan built against CEF 3.3239.1716.g735b746 / Chromium 63.0.3239.109
  • MAINT-8132 Update viewer with Windows version of VLC built against VLC 2.2.8
  • MAINT-8133 Update viewer with macOS version of VLC built against VLC 2.2.8
  • MAINT-8134 Move source URLs of the CEF binaries used for the p64_3p-cef-bin third party library from the Spotify site to a Linden S3 bucket
  • MAINT-8136 Write a document in Confluence that describes how to update CEF build used from first principals
  • MAINT-8138 Generate new page of test URLs for Dullahan that are more complete and more robust
  • MAINT-8139 Dullahan page zoom is too intrusive
  • MAINT-8140 Confirm all the necessary files are copied from CEF bundle by packager
  • MAINT-8149 Move the mime_types.xml file to a more logical location in the viewer tree
  • MAINT-8153 Update Win32/Win64 and macOS with most recent version of CEF cef_binary_3.3239
  • MAINT-8177 Expose the full version of the matching Chromium/Chrome build for CEF in the About box
  • MAINT-8179 Make cookies work reliably for web pages and those set by viewer
  • MAINT-8194 Remove per-frame calls to updateJavascriptObject()
  • MAINT-8196 Remove LLPluginCookieStore from the viewer
  • MAINT-8207 Tweak web/cookie UI in viewer prefs
  • MAINT-8214 Confirm embedded browser security is sufficiently close to latest system browser.
  • MAINT-8228 [Media Update] javascript pop-up behavior is different
  • MAINT-8232 Clear History button description should include "web"
  • MAINT-8244 [Media Update] Text in CEF cannot be selected with the mouse.
  • MAINT-8245 Expose CEF log file and logging severity to viewer
  • MAINT-8246 Expose the CEF remote debugging system to the viewer
  • MAINT-8248 Web page will not load on viewers using Dullahan only.