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Release Notes for v5.1.4 (514802) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on April 27, 2018.

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Release Notes


This update brings the build up to date with the current release viewer (Media Update).

Maintenance:Ouzo is here to quench your thirst.

Ouzo is a dry anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon. Its taste is similar to other anise liquors like pastis and sambuca. Other spirits of the region may or may not include anise: arak, rakı, and mastika.

This bottle of Maintenance fixes brings you a large helping of crash fixes and a splash of improvements. Bottoms up!

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Resolved Issues

  • INTL-282 translate Viewer Set50 (drtvwr-450: viewer-lynx)
  • MAINT-2375 World Map always shows first friend location after search for some users
  • MAINT-2564 Alpha mask does not hide hair in the Outfit Editor
  • MAINT-2896 Object position (and sometimes size) grayed out when editing avatar parts or attachments
  • MAINT-3399 Hairbase renders incorrectly in edit appearance mode when ALM is enabled.
  • MAINT-3824 Unicode not appearing in windows viewer display name
  • MAINT-3859 Texture animation flicker at certain frame rates
  • MAINT-3884 The viewer sends multiple GET requests against prim media when PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY is enabled
  • MAINT-5165 [VWR] Can view hidden system folders in inventory by changing "Show Filters..." settings
  • MAINT-6260 Deleting objects and re-rezing from trash and deleting again, causes doubles, triples + etc...
  • MAINT-6363 Normal and specular maps are downloaded even if ALM is switched off
  • MAINT-7501 Bottom part of "Filter" button at Snapshot window is not clickable
  • MAINT-7732 Crash in LLLiveLSLEditor::loadScriptText(LLVFS *,LLUUID const &,LLAssetType::EType)
  • MAINT-7897 Add a "Back" button to Profiles
  • MAINT-8004 Add "Wear Only this Outfit" to Right-click menu in Appearance floater
  • MAINT-8022 Memory crashes in unzip_llsd
  • MAINT-8047 [Mac] Incorrect VFS (cache) creation time is shown in "help>about SL"
  • MAINT-8065 [Mac] Full version of the build in the applications is not displayed after install
  • MAINT-8085 'Edit Outfit' in "Appearance" continuously display "Loading...", when in this section no objects.
  • MAINT-8091 Remove deprecated and unused private memory pooling
  • MAINT-8146 Installing viewer to non default path results in incorrect fonts loading
  • MAINT-8154 Remove unneeded exception handling from LLAppViewer::frame()
  • MAINT-8157 Crash in LLWearableBridge::buildContextMenu(..)
  • MAINT-8163 [Alex Ivy] Text is corrupted in TоS in non english viewer
  • MAINT-8170 Crash viewer when double click on "Report Abuse"
  • MAINT-8171 "New" tag is not in front of folder when searching items in "Received Items" panel
  • MAINT-8180 [Alex Ivy] Help > Report Bug does not include viewer bitness
  • MAINT-8181 Chat scroll bar missing in the session after it is resized narrower than default
  • MAINT-8183 Crashes in LLWindowManager::destroyWindow()
  • MAINT-8184 "Properties" menu item should be disable for multiple selection in Object content - now it can cause disappearing of "Received items" panel
  • MAINT-8190 Physics Stuck / Frozen Deforming Avy Until Relog
  • MAINT-8208 [Mac] Second Life viewer crashes when I use a cube as physic when uploading a mesh model
  • MAINT-8210 Crash in name cache
  • MAINT-8229 Social floaters launch a somewhat different version of the internal browser
  • MAINT-8247 [maint-viewer] All Outfit images become unassigned if remove an outfit while selecting new image
  • MAINT-8258 Sculpties appear as spheres before their shape data has streamed in
  • MAINT-8274 Temporary attachments could not be detached via gear menu from Appearance>Wearing
  • MAINT-8275 "Walk/run/fly" toolbar button turns off "fly mode" of avatar when the user log in
  • MAINT-8276 Arrows 'Navigate back' and 'Navigate forward' have wrong state
  • MAINT-8287 [Mac] Crash when creating group role with 'Manage ban list' ability
  • MAINT-8289 Deleting inventory directory while keeping [Delete] key pressed
  • MAINT-8290 Don't render particles attached to the muted avatars
  • MAINT-8291 Scripts memory usage returns incorrect values in estate tools
  • MAINT-8297 "Missing CA File" message when running under debugger on windows
  • MAINT-8302 Re-enable exportCharts for perfomance analysis
  • MAINT-8315 Buying land from a group you're already donating to, causes purchase button to hide remove donation checkbox
  • MAINT-8316 Crash in LLAgent::teleportRequest(..)
  • MAINT-8317 Local Textures for Advanced Lighting Projectors do not keep the selected texture.
  • MAINT-8319 login failure message - remove "Your account will not be available until"
  • MAINT-8323 Crash in LLInventoryPanel::callbackPurgeSelectedItems(..)
  • MAINT-8332 The debug setting avatarhoverOffsetZ does not adjust hover height until the Set Hover Height modal has been opened.
  • MAINT-8342 Viewer crash when click Take off in Temporary attachments
  • MAINT-8343 [MAC only] Viewer Media Browser doubles entered Cyrillic capital letters.
  • MAINT-8362 LLVivoxVoiceClient::voiceControlCoro() crash
  • MAINT-8363 LLViewerRegionImpl::requestBaseCapabilitiesCoro crash
  • MAINT-8364 LLAvatarNameCache::requestAvatarNameCache_ crash
  • MAINT-8366 "Report Abuse" preview screenshot all black or UI elements blocking scene or corrupted
  • MAINT-8382 [Media Update] “Magnify glass” button returned camera to avatar after select other nearby media in "Start/Stop ALL Media" tab
  • MAINT-8383 [Media Update] Scrollbar does not decrease with decreasing number of displayed media
  • MAINT-8397 Set Debug level logging as default for SL_Launcher.log
  • MAINT-8401 The ‘New’ icon does not disappear when navigating with the keys in the ‘Received items’ panel
  • MAINT-8474 [Mac] Viewer fails to build with Xcode 9.3
  • MAINT-8574 Crash in LLVOVolume::markDead()
  • MAINT-931 [PUBLIC]Sitting avatar's rotation is not updated correctly when prim rotation is changed by typing numbers (or using the buttons in the build tools)