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Release Notes for v5.1.5 (515527) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on May 21, 2018.

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Release Notes


Maintenance: Pálinka

Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy in Central Europe with origins from the Hungarian Carpathian Basin, known under several names, and invented in the Middle Ages. Protected as a geographical indication of the European Union, only fruit spirits mashed, distilled, matured and bottled in Hungary and similar apricot spirits from four provinces of Austria can be called "pálinka". Törkölypálinka, a different product in the legal sense, is a similarly protected pomace brandy that is commonly included with pálinka. While pálinka may be made of any locally grown fruit, the most common ones are plums, apricots, apples, pears, and cherries.

Similar products exist in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia known as Pálenka as well as in Romania under the name Pălincă.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1421 "Show Memory" broken on Mac viewer
  • MAINT-2929 Group Role Permission "Eject Members from this Group" Is Poorly Described
  • MAINT-7533 Remove redundant call-home from NSIS installer
  • MAINT-7626 Incorporate server fix for file transfers in the viewer
  • MAINT-8109 [Mac] After viewer startup SL Launcher has focus instead of SL Viewer
  • MAINT-8150 SL_Launcher fails to start when running through the command line with any parameters
  • MAINT-8161 [OSX]'UnicodeDecodeError' Python exception when try to launch SL_Launcher from a folder like "æøåæøå"
  • MAINT-8305 [Windows] Clicking a secondlife: URL gets you the update check
  • MAINT-8397 Set Debug level logging as default for SL_Launcher.log
  • MAINT-8414 Changing LOD slider in viewer to min makes LOD setting actually go to 0.
  • MAINT-8415 Group chat notify toasts ignores IRC-like formatting
  • MAINT-8427 Saving a snapshot should automatically avoid name collisions.
  • MAINT-8428 [OSX] The 'Eyedropper' cursor is not shown in the world when selecting the 'Eyedropper' tool in the Inventory texture pick
  • MAINT-8431 HTTP/HTTPS URL in the object name is represented as a hyperlink across chat and сhat logs
  • MAINT-8453 The "Reload page" button is displayed for some time after opening media browser
  • MAINT-8458 Fields for new group notice disappears immediately after appearing
  • MAINT-8465 Detaching then rezzing then wearing an attachment puts it in an invalid folder.
  • MAINT-8468 Increase MAX_BANDWIDTH on the viewer to 6mbps
  • MAINT-8469 group-floater invite description (fix inside)
  • MAINT-8477 "Zoom" in build tab rotates around the avatar
  • MAINT-8479 Issue with control event being triggered with rotation controls input when selecting a sat upon object containing a sit target while your camera is not actively focused on or tracking your avatar.
  • MAINT-8488 Favourite location list on login screen is not updated after pressing "Esc" key while in username field
  • MAINT-8489 Viewer. Simplify/cleanup processIMTypingStop() and processIMTypingStart(), remove LLIMInfo.
  • MAINT-8498 The 'Avatar has given you this object: item' offline offer does not come to the user when an invitation to friends was sent before sharing the item
  • MAINT-8501 [MAC] Web window doesn't close using 'ESC' button on the Login page.
  • MAINT-8518 Notifications.xml inconsistency / Referring to residents as "Players"
  • MAINT-8531 Remove viewer UI which supports buying items out of task inventory
  • MAINT-8532 The 'You are being invited into the group's role: Officers.' text is shifted behind buttons in the 'Notifications' floater when an empty string is present in the group description
  • MAINT-8535 CLONE - Changing avatar sex while sitting breaks animations until relogging
  • MAINT-8552 Secure map links do not parse in chat:
  • MAINT-8595 [QA retest of MAINT-8200] - [64 bit] SL_launcher.exe fails with silent python error on system with wmic errors
  • MAINT-8598 Incorrect context menu for sounds in task inventory
  • MAINT-8616 Edit Tool often displays the wrong Creator and/or Owner of an object
  • MAINT-8622 "Share" checkbox becomes gray after sharing the object (no modify) for the group
  • MAINT-8628 Group notice edit field is missing inventory icon
  • MAINT-8649 CTRL+ALT+T does not make alpha masking textures visible