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Release Notes for v6.0.2 (523177) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on January 16, 2019.

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Release Notes


Render Pipeline and Retina Support

This viewer update focuses on two significant areas: Rendering fixes to the Viewer, Retina support for Mac.

We have bundled these Rendering changes into their own build, because they are high risk for performance.

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Resolved Issues

  • SL-10019 [Mac] [Render] Right-click context menu immediately disappears when clicking any place in the ‘Inventory’ floater
  • SL-10027 [Mac] [Render] Add toggle for Retina support to mitigate FPS loss
  • SL-10176 [Love Me Render] MacOS Quit / Shutdown crash
  • SL-10278 [Render] During log in, during Loading world... pressing CTRL+SHIFT+H causes the screen to flicker
  • SL-1117 grids.xml with a single grid instead of an array in LLSD can crash viewer
  • SL-1232 Derendering Avatar type also derenders some rezzed mesh objects
  • SL-1257 Objects with Alpha Masking > 0 do not rendering correctly on avatar
  • SL-1303 Negative horizontal & vertical offset values for normal & specular maps always revert when closing build floater.
  • SL-1507 rigged content using materials and alpha doesn't cast shadow using alpha
  • SL-1536 Alpha Masked surfaces having a diffuse with alpha channel and normal and specular applied lose their shadows
  • SL-1603 Incorrect values of Rotation degrees field with checked 'Align planar faces' checkbox in different tabs
  • SL-1658 [DRTSIM-383] Changing Horizontal offset value also changes Vertical offset while editing Specular texture in build floater
  • SL-1684 Planar Texture setting fields displays grayed out during the editing Rotation degrees field
  • SL-1835 rigged materials using alpha have their shadows drawn twice
  • SL-1842 with transparent texture and alpha masking at cutoff 1, the underlying color shows through in small patches
  • SL-1848 Selecting mesh objects make several HUD-related items invisible
  • SL-1914 Improved support for Retina Displays
  • SL-1959 add info to tex debug display for cache hit rate and fetch timing
  • SL-2642 Better error logging for missing binormals
  • SL-2911 Handle dual-graphics systems more robustly
  • SL-4178 Show Land Owner shows shiney colors for Group Member and Auction land.
  • SL-6613 Shadows cast by rigged alpha surfaces ignore alpha completely.
  • SL-7041 CLONE - Applying planar texture alignment to prims with diffuse and normal maps fails.
  • SL-9766 [Render] [Mac] Alt + left mouse click has severely impaired functions
  • SL-9774 [Render] dragging active Second Life session to second monitor zooms in making viewer unusable
  • SL-9984 [Retina] Camera frustum, do not display correctly on "WORLD MAP" window.