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Release Notes for v6.1.0 (522564) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on December 19, 2018.

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[ 32-bit Windows | 64-bit Windows | Macintosh | ]

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Release Notes


This shiny new viewer is a brave foray into improving the state of Estate Access Management! We can’t wait to see what you think about it. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • New “Access” tab in the Region/Estate floater with subtabs for “Estate Managers”, “Allowed”, “Allowed Groups”, and “Banned”
    • Recording banned date, banned by, and last login for each banned account †
    • Search & Sort within each of the sub-tabs
    • Copy Banlist & Allowed-list
    • Added a confirmation for adding or removing from a list
  • More Estate Managers!
    • We’re upping the number to 15. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

†these features only available going forward.

As always, please file a Jira to tell us about any problems you discover or request additions or feature changes to this functionality.

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Resolved Issues

  • INTL-302 translate Viewer Set52 (repository: DRTVWR-461: viewer-estate-access)
  • SL-1017 New users are not added to the list of banned users when already banned user is selected in the 'Choose resident' floater
  • SL-1051 The text of the message is truncated when removing a large number of banned users
  • SL-1125 Adding/removing more than one user to/from the Allowed/Banned list makes it disappear.
  • SL-1131 "(waiting)" instead of a group name in the Allowed Groups list.
  • SL-1167 The message is not displayed when adding a group when the group is already in the list
  • SL-1259 Deleting 2 or more Groups from the "Allowed Groups" list does not refresh it.
  • SL-1268 Wrong message about Adding Estate Manager to Banned list
  • SL-1311 [EAM] Regression: viewer occasionally crashes when entering god mode
  • SL-1423 EAM can't add or remove agent to or from Allowed, Banned list for All Estates on the first try
  • SL-1465 Region Estate floater refers to list below, which is now the access tab
  • SL-1613 The list of Estate Managers is not updated when more than one user is added/deleted
  • SL-1634 "Copy Banlist/Copy Allowedlist" buttons for land access tab
  • SL-1661 Allowed Groups tend to be "(waiting)" for the group name in the Estate Access floater of Second Life EAM (64bit)
  • SL-1716 [EAM] When estate banning a list of multiple avatars, if an "unbannable" avatar is included in the list, no avatars are added to the ban list
  • SL-1735 Fail to add users to "banned" or "Allowed" with the button "All estates"
  • SL-1829 The '<Group name> is already in the Allowed Groups list' message is displayed group name as a link in the "Allowed Groups" tab
  • SL-1885 Estate Access Management - Replace "getinfo" with a capability (viewer side)
  • SL-1887 Estate Access Management - Viewer side changes for the "Banned" list
  • SL-1890 Estate Access Management UI - Search the lists
  • SL-1908 Estate Access Management UI - Sort the lists
  • SL-1909 Create a tabbed floater for managing users for Region/Estate owners in About Land
  • SL-1934 Increase the total number of Estate Managers from 10 to 15
  • SL-1956 Add support for temporary bans to parcel ban list
  • SL-2807 'Parcel owners can be more restrictive' checkbox has focus for not EO or EM account
  • SL-9691 [EAM] There is no validation of input values in the 'hours' field
  • SL-9693 [EAM] Duration '1 hr' is displayed on the 'Banned' tab regardless of the entered 'Ban duration > Temporary' values
  • SL-9694 [EAM]Ban duration temporary field shows only 3 numeral
  • SL-9695 [EAM]"Duratio" field's name is displayed when sorting in this field.
  • SL-992 Confirm floater does not disappear after remove
  • SL-9986 [EAM] god mode does not display region access lists