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Release Notes for v6.1.0 (524348) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on February 13, 2019.

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[ 32-bit Windows | 64-bit Windows | Macintosh | ]

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Release Notes


BugSplat viewer

Update changes

This viewer introduces a revised updater, replacing the current Viewer Manager Process (VMP). Instead of running the VMP before every viewer session, we now run the updater as a child process of the viewer. Viewer notifications are used to alert the user to a pending update.

This viewer starts more quickly than with the VMP. It displays only one Taskbar or Dock viewer icon. Pinning that icon should behave exactly as expected, going forward.

Pinned icons for the VMP or the VMP-mediated viewer may need to be deleted and recreated.

We still run the updater before _first_ launching a newly-installed Windows viewer, to address the potential problem of installing a 64-bit viewer on a Windows system that does not support it. Similarly, if you install a 32-bit viewer on a Windows system that can support the 64-bit viewer, it retrieves the 64-bit viewer instead.


If this viewer crashes, the crash report is sent to BugSplat rather than to Linden's internal crash reporting system.

(Third party developers: the existing Breakpad crash-reporting code is still present in the code base. BugSplat integration is enabled by a CMake variable.))

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Resolved Issues

  • INTL-318 New translations for Windows viewer installer messages
  • SL-10010 [BugSplat] [Win] 64-bit viewer installs under "Program Files (x86)" rather than "Program Files"
  • SL-10017 [BugSplat] Windows viewer does not start after installation
  • SL-10030 [BugSplat] updater cannot launch an installer, "operation requires elevation"
  • SL-10077 Windows Uninstaller may uninstall the wrong viewer if both are the same channel name
  • SL-1014 [bugsplat] mac 10.13.5 installing viewer requests adding HockeySDK to keychain
  • SL-10146 The SLVersionChecker doesn't start background download of update if last login failed
  • SL-10147 [Bugsplat] [Windows] The installer window is empty in any non-English locale
  • SL-10153 BugSplat viewer fails to start after installation for Windows user accounts that contain non-ascii characters.
  • SL-10252 [Bugsplat] [Win] The UI does not display hieroglyphs in Japanese and Chinese localizations
  • SL-10319 [Bugsplat] [Win] Viewer update for Admin user prompts to install for all users or for current user only
  • SL-10341 [Bugsplat] [Mac Mojave] SL does not have OS level permissions to use the microphone
  • SL-10396 [BugSplat] There is no Application handler for secondlife:// links when viewer is installed in Local
  • SL-10469 [Bugsplat] BugSplat update does not add a usable shortcut to Start menu for Win7 Standard users.
  • SL-10506 [Bugsplat] [Win] Installation path is wrong when updating to the 64-bit version Viewer
  • SL-1145 [Bugsplat-RC] Bugsplat viewer appears to misreport viewer crashes as freezes & other assorted annoyances
  • SL-1170 [MAC] Launching viewer is blocked by the cert warning
  • SL-1375 [bugsplat] CEF is not installed on Windows 7, 10
  • SL-1403 [Mac] No crash description in Bugsplat from crashes in OSX
  • SL-1643 [bugsplat] mac 10.13.5 viewer crashes offer to send crash report to apple too
  • SL-820 Integrate the BugSplat crash reporting SDK into the viewer
  • SL-821 Integrate macOS version of BugSplat into the viewer
  • SL-932 add settings.xml to files uploaded to bugsplat
  • SL-939 Set bugsplat database name
  • SL-940 [BugSplat] Mac viewer fails to populate BugSplat crash metadata
  • SL-955 Bugsplat symbol file uploads from TeamCity should use distinct credentials
  • SL-9760 [Bugsplat] [MAC] Failed to launch error prevents Second Life from launching
  • SL-9952 Windows BugSplat viewer crashes on second run
  • SL-9964 [Bugsplat][Mac] Mouse icon is not displayed when dragging an object
  • SL-9980 Windows Viewer runs with Admin settings after installation for a Standard user.