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SLDev Traffic

sldev-traffic no 29

sldev discussions through September 29, 2007

What is Eventlet and Why Should You Care?

What is Eventlet? Why should you care? How can you help with Eventlet?

Find out!

Of course, the real fun in something like this begins with the examples. There are already a couple, which could be seeds for interesting projects on their own.

LSL Test Harness

Periapse Linden announced the LSL Test Harness, created under contract with i3Dnow. Head on over to learn more. You can create LSL tests which return reports via chat, email, or a web page. The original announcement is here.

Thraxis Epsilon began work on refactoring the code, removing individual script buttons, and pointed out one error in the HTTP test, which Periapse quickly fixed.

Dead Code Stripping on OS X

Barney Boomslang and Michael Miller noticed that the OS X build was not stripping dead (unreferenced) code. The fix is a straightforward project file change and does reduce the executable size. Michael refined the original suggestion, showing that refraining from stripping unreferenced symbols was needed to accommodate libopenjpeg. This has been committed internally.

Future Rendering and the GUI

There was a bit of discussion about future rendering options such as real-time ray-tracing, and what was possible on current and upcoming high-end hardware. One thing that sticks out is that the current GUI system needs to be decoupled from the rest of the rendering engine before fundamental changes can be made. Lawson English stated that he wished there were more disclosure and discussion of future GUI rearchitecting.

Copyleft/Share-Alike Permissions for SL Items

Nicholaz Beresford kicks off a discussion on VWR-2571. There have also been internal discussions about extending the metadata associated with asset server items, so this is an opportune time for suggesting any additional information an asset might permanently carry.

This is a focussed continuation of a protracted list discussion, where list members debated whether DRM was possible or desirable with distributed agent and region domains. There are still many unanswered questions here. Tao Takahashi has summarized much of it on the Protecting content in an open grid wiki page.


Dana Fagerstrom asked how secure Second Life communications were, and whether encryption happens. There were no replies.

Understanding RCs

There was some back and forth discussion clarifying exactly what a release candidate is. Joshua Bell offered input, explaining that release candidates freeze not only new features, but new bug fixes. In order to achieve stability, only bugs introduced with the RC version are repaired with subsequent revisions of the RC. This may sound counterintuitive, however repairing one bug often causes another to surface, sometimes benign, sometimes worse than the bug it fixed. Work does continue on additional fixes in parallel, however.

LSL Function Browser

Lawson English posts a mockup of a function browser he's working to add to the script editor, asking for feedback.

Crash Reports

Nicholaz Beresford asked about getting an updated set of crash reports. Soft Linden provided a set against the viewer.

Thanks for readin'!