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The SLED Forum has a list of topics and threads that pertain to many aspects of education in SL. If you want to have on-going discussions with colleagues outside the SLed Listserve, please check out the Forum area. Many interesting topics are already listed. If you wish to post, you can register for free.

In-World Groups

Second Life has a number of active groups who collaborate inside the metaverse and who keep in touch using the group system tools. To join a group, click the "Find" button and search under "Groups" for "Education"

Real Life Education in Second Life -- find colleagues and collaborators to help you with your education work in Second Life. Anyone may join!

Second Life Grad Student Colony -- for support in research, dissertation writing and promoting collaboration among researchers/student researchers, Limited to students pursuing advanced degrees. Contact group owner naiad - bbovard at

Second Life Research -- To help ensure ethical treatment of subjects and to promote collaboration. Limited to academics pursuing IRB-authorized research projects covered under SL's Terms of Service and research ethics policy

K-12 Educators -- A group created specifically for K-12 educators and interested others, focusing on collaboration and communication of events in Second Life that are useful to support teaching and learning. Membership is open. Contact group owner Kathy Dryburgh (SL)/Kathy Schrock (RL) for more information.

Community Colleges in Second Life--A group for Community College educators focused on support, research and discussion of challenges unique to the community college environment. Open membership. Contact group owner Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks (SL)/Denise Cote (RL) for more information.

Other In World Groups -- Visit this page for more details on other in-world groups. These may be based on geography (national or regional) or subject-interests.

Educational Pricing on Private Islands

Private Islands provide the ability to create secure "intranet" spaces with restricted membership for your students and faculty, or you can open it up to be accessible to everyone in Second Life. Linden Lab offers a discount for Private Islands to educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

For a list of Real Life Universities that are using Private Islands in Second Life, please see Second Life: Universities and Private Islands

Academic Research

Be sure to join the SL Educator's listserv.

The Association of Internet Researchers has a document about research ethics available.

An Important Reminder for Educators about the Teen Grid

The main Grid of Second Life is for adults only (18+). We also have a Teen Second Life, and that world is strictly for teens (13-17).

We don't allow anyone under 18 years old in the adult world of Second Life, and likewise we do not allow adult Residents (18+) on the mainland of the Teen World. Both of these worlds are separate from each other, and we do not allow inworld travel or communication between them.

Teen Second Life is a world for teens, created and shaped by teens. Please remember that falsely registering as a teen to gain access to Teen Second Life is a serious offense, and cause for permanent banishment from all of Second Life.

The only adults allowed on the mainland in Teen Second Life are Linden employees. If you are an educator and want to work with teens in Teen Second Life, there is the opportunity to buy a private island on the Teen Grid and participate, but you will not be able to leave that island and visit the Teen Grid mainland. Teens from the mainland will be able to visit your private island if/when you choose, but they will be automatically informed that there are adults present. Also, if you are planning to use a private island on the Teen Grid to interact with teens from the mainland, we will need to run a background check on you for security and safety reasons.

If you'd like more details about getting a private island for education work on the Teen Grid, please see Second Life: Educators Working with Teens.

Classroom Management, Lesson Plans

Teaching Resources

Educational Locations in Second Life

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