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Companies that provide start-to-finish management of complex or large-scale projects, such building out an entire region, or creating a large event for many participants as well as additional services, such as marketing or strategic planning.

 Entity: Akimeta Metaverse Development Services
 External website:  http://www.akimeta.com
 Contact: akimeta@akimeta.com
 Description: Is able to provide a wide range of content from small projects to full multi-region content for educational, non-profit, commercial, and/or private clients since 2009.       
 Provided content for: accessibility and safety demonstrations, exhibition booths, avatars & character modeling, natural history demonstrations, full region university/college 
 campuses & activities, and more. 
 Entity: Jeff Brooks (display name: Jeff Bush)
 External company:  Beta Technologies US Inc.
 Contact: jeff.bush@betatechnologies.info
 Description: Provides full service B2B content, creation and development.
 Entity: CNDG 
 External website: https://cndg.info/
 Contact: hello@cndg.info
 Description:  A team of highly experienced content designers and developers, 3D modellers, programmers, educators/trainers, and business development specialists. We specialize in
 creating tailored, user-friendly Virtual Learning Environments for training and education. We offer fully supported services on Second Life including 3D virtual campuses where 
 events, meetings, seminars, classroom activities, assignments and synchronous/asynchronous learning exercises can take place.
 Entity:  Desolate Studios
 External Website:  https://www.DesolateStudios.com
 Contact: info@DesolateStudios.com
 Description:  For over a decade we've been providing services to dozens of who have a presence in Second Life.  From large and well known household names, to sole individuals 
 existing only inworld; nothing is too big or too small.  Our specialty is game development; but the services we provide are applicable to every aspect of Second Life.  Our 
 developers  and creators are long term SL residents who understand the platform and it's specific needs.  We also provide consultation and educational services on how to best 
 utilize Second Life for your entities requirements, with a focus on engaging and lasting use of your spaces. 
 Other skills:  SL Experiences, Registration API, Map API, web and external services integration, and more!
 Entity: Immersio Media, LLC
 External website:  https://www.immersiomedia.com/ and https://vrwork.space/
 Contact: stacey@immersiomedia.com
 Description: Custom content creator, Environment Architect/Designer, Newcomer training/support; also - office/classroom/conference center and lecture hall rentals by the hour 
 when owning land isn't in the budget. RegAPI implementation, registration page hosting and management.      
 Provided content for: live events, music and audiocontent and more.
 Entity:  Mind Gathering Experiences (MGE) 
 Contact: MindGatherers@gmail.com
 Description: MGE is focused to work with tertiary education, facilitating the establishment of virtual world satellite campuses for colleges and professional groups, enabling them
 to provide more affordable, accessible, and secure lifelong learning opportunities in the classrooms of academia, or convening of trade guilds and professional organizations in both   
 brick & mortar and virtual worlds; to become even more inclusive and globally cohesive as an organization, achieving better as individuals. 
 Entity: [REZ]idential
 Marketplace Store:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1560
 Inworld Store:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forest%20Grove/138/215/2902
 Contact: gattzgilman@gmail.com
 Description: Customer Content Creator, Estate Manager, Environment Creator, LSL Scripting, Custom scripted experience (Audio/Visual), custom 3D modeling/texture creation, multi-region builder/landscaper.  
 Provided content for: Large multi-sim experiences with over 100 avatar concurrence.
 Entity: Virtual Ability, Inc.
 External website: https://virtualability.org/
 Contact: info@VirtualAbility.org
 Description: Full Service but specializing in projects and research in the areas of disability, health, wellness, and education.  We can create your full virtual world simulation, or        
 partner with you on specific aspects of your environment.  We can evaluate and help you make your build more accessible to all.  We offer group and individual orientation, land and 
 community management, and have 10+ years of experience in organizing and running professional conferences in the virtual world. 
 Entity:  VRazeTheBar
 External Website:  https://www.vrazethebar.com/
 Contact: OMGhi@vrazethebar.com
 Description:  Environment Creator etc) *
 Planning, development and promotion with virtual conferences, seminars and other socially immersive events for those unable to attend or participate in person.

 Disclaimer: Linden Lab makes no representation of the ability of the companies and individuals listed, nor of the capability of any tools listed. Please treat these providers like you would any other.
 Ask for references, look at previous work, and, if appropriate, sign a contract with them before they begin service.

If you would like to be included in the solution provider directory, please fill out this form for review. https://forms.gle/vp4d96Eh6cSYTrWD8