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This page lists regular, publicly available seminars about business uses of Second Life. Please follow the established format in adding information about other regular business seminars.

Smarter Technology, a Ziff Davis Enterprise program sponsored by IBM

Smarter Technology Virtual - a hybrid interactive environment combining the web's ease-of-use with the surprising power of immersive 3D virtual reality. Smarter Technology Virtual is host to a rich series of live events with innovators who are applying technology to make a difference: in business process and profitability, sustainability, and service to the planet. Whether you join us via video or in 3D, we hope you'll visit often, share your own experience and insight, and learn with us.

 1:00pm - 2:00pm Pacific / SLT 
  • Frequency: Twice Weekly


Train for Success

We Are The Network

We Are The Network is a weekly, facilitated, global discussion group. This is not a "show" in the broadcast sense. It's a facilitated discussion, held in text and voice (your choice - no need to talk if you don't wish to). We often have 20-40 people in attendance from many countries. Participants repeatedly say they treasure We Are The Network as the one time each week they get the chance to focus and have a real, authentic discussion on a significant topic.

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