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===Other resources===
===Other resources===
* [[Linden_Lab_Official:API_Terms_of_Use|API Terms of Usse]]
* [[Linden_Lab_Official:API_Terms_of_Use|API Terms of Use]]
* [[Second Life Work]]
* [[Second Life Work]]
* [[Second Life Education]]
* [[Second Life Education]]

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This page is a resource for Second Life developers of all kinds.

Open Source Portal


Information about getting and using the Second Life Viewer source code.

Source | Mailing List | Issue Tracker | Documentation

LSL Portal

A reference guide to Linden Scripting Language (LSL). Bring inworld objects to life!
Functions | Events | Types | Operators | Constants | Flow Control | Script Library | Categorized Library | Tutorials

APIs and Web Services Portal

  • Registration API - Register Second Life residents from a web page.
  • Map API - Embed Second Life maps onto a web page.
  • Search API - Search Second Life for events, groups, people, and places; search this wiki for information.
  • Media Rendering Plugin System - Create media rendering plugins to display rich media content inworld.
  • Live Data Feeds - live data feeds provided by Linden Lab.
  • Snapshot API - Extract information from Snapshot emails sent from the Viewer.
  • World API - Access information about residents, places and groups by key.
  • Inventory API - Get information about agent inventory.

Other resources