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Success Stories and Directory

Educators Are Teaching in SL Today

Students from all over the world are learning in SL right now.

Education and Nonprofit Video Spotlights

Virtual Learning Environments
at Florida State University and the University of Central Florida

Chant Newall Development Group, LLC (CNDG) utilizes the Second Life platform for interactive offerings in biology, chemistry, economics and environmental science.

Virtual Chemistry
at Texas A&M University and Florida Institute of Technology

Researchers from Texas A&M University and Florida Institute of Technology have explored how Second Life can facilitate and enhance the learning process.

Virtual Health Adventures
at Nova Southeastern University of Florida

Sandra L. Winkler from Nova Southeastern University in Florida is researching how virtual reality can offer a better learning environment for amputees.

Feed a Smile: Live & Learn in Kenya

Brique Topaz, who runs the Germany based non-profit "Live and Learn in Kenya," uses Second Life to help raise funds for children in impoverished areas outside of Nairobi.