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This article is a description of the Second Life Railroad ( SLRR ) on the Heterocera Atoll continent.


The Second Life Railroad ( SLRR ) runs over more then 80 Regions on the Heterocera Atoll (Northern) Continent. More than 20 Regions have branch lines extended out from the Heterocera Main line. Branch lines include the Maritime Line, the North Coast Line, the Mountain Line and the North Line. Track-laying and maintenance are provided by Michael Linden and the Linden Department of Public works LDPW.

The long distances covered by the SLRR Atoll railroad tracks make them a unique feature in Second Life. Residents can operate trains on the SLRR and other railroads, much as anyone can operate a car on the roads in Second Life. Any Resident may use this public facility for any purpose consistent with the Second Life Community Standards/TOS. There are a series of official Linden stations along the SLRR, and at times, Linden Labs has provided automated rail service.

There are many train builders in SL that make a wide variety of trains using several different methods for locomotion. The current SLRR track standards support all types of trains. Thousands of residents own personal trains. Standards for guidance, track and SLRR Switches have enabled residents to develop suitable vehicles. Using the SLRR with its current standard is simple to understand and accessible to Residents and builders of all skill levels.

During one of the LDPW Office_hours at the beginning of 2010 Michael Linden has made the following public statements, summarized here:

  • The SLRR track specifications will not change anytime soon.
  • Signals will be installed but we will not be punished for example for "running red light signals".
  • Switches will be installed connecting the various branch lines to the main line.
  • Automated trains will not be put into regular service by the LDPW, if the residents keep using the SLRR with their private trains.
  • Residents may choose to run automated trains, consistent with the ToS.
  • Residents may make a request to the LDPW to connect their private track on the Atoll to the SLRR track via a switch.


The SLRR dates back to 2005 when Linden Lab created these railroad tracks. On the SLRR history page you can find out more how railroad became what it is to date.

SLRR Stations

Stations with a number are official Linden Lab SLRR station. Stations marked without a number are publicly accessible Resident build locations along the SLRR related to the rail system. Residents are encouraged to add their own railway station to this public list.

Note: You may need to refresh your browser to get the latest image updates to show up.

A Second Life Railroad reference map (creator: Stryker Jenkins / VRC)
Schematic map of the SLRR and kindred networks. (creator: Rydia Lacombe)
SLRR map by Michael Linden / Myopic Mole - LDPW
SLRR System Map.jpg
--- Heterocera Main line
From Tuliptree to Bhaga
1 Tuliptree StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC HQ TuliptreeπŸ–ˆ
VRC Ferry TermianlπŸ–ˆ
VRC Trainspotting TuliptreeπŸ–ˆ
The Embarcadero - Pier 39πŸ–ˆ
GSLR Cecropia Ocean TerminalπŸ–ˆ
Calleta Cargo RailyardπŸ–ˆ
2 Calleta "Hobo" StationπŸ–ˆ
Calleta's Hobo Railroad InfohubπŸ–ˆ
LIONHEART Estate Info CenterπŸ–ˆ
3 Neumoegen StationπŸ–ˆ
4 Achemon StationπŸ–ˆ
5 Obscure StationπŸ–ˆ
Obscure Foothills StationπŸ–ˆ
6 Epirrhoe StationπŸ–ˆ
Jubata Station 2πŸ–ˆ
7 Jubata StationπŸ–ˆ
8 Spini StationπŸ–ˆ
Around The Atoll info stationπŸ–ˆ
9 Lunalis StationπŸ–ˆ
SLRR LaparaπŸ–ˆ
10 Foxglove StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC Foxglove StationnπŸ–ˆ
11 Clearwing StationπŸ–ˆ
12 Crenulate StationπŸ–ˆ
Lappet Engineering worksπŸ–ˆ
Pini Rail YardπŸ–ˆ
13 Aglia StationπŸ–ˆ
Celerio StationπŸ–ˆ
14 Tenera StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC Crumbi AnnexπŸ–ˆ
15 Zale StationπŸ–ˆ
Stenvaag locomotive worksπŸ–ˆ
16 Bhaga StationπŸ–ˆ

--- Maritime branch line
From Crumbi Junction Station to Vicina
20 Crumbi JunctionπŸ–ˆ
21 Dubia StationπŸ–ˆ
Waxenville StationπŸ–ˆ
Holoshed Train StationπŸ–ˆ
22 Vicina DockπŸ–ˆ

--- East branch line
From Anilis Junction to Catalpa
VRC Anilis station and YardπŸ–ˆ
30 Tersa Yard SLRRπŸ–ˆ
31 Poecila StopπŸ–ˆ
32 Philudoria HaltπŸ–ˆ

--- North Coast branch line
From Tenera Station to Spangle
40 Pawpaw JunctionπŸ–ˆ
41 Tussock StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC - TussockπŸ–ˆ
42 Malacosoma CrossoverπŸ–ˆ
VRC Malacosoma StationπŸ–ˆ
43 Melanthia StationπŸ–ˆ
Radioactive Plusia Railway StationπŸ–ˆ
44 Spangle StationπŸ–ˆ

--- Mountain branch line
From Pawpaw Junction station to Pavonia and Crenulate
50 Leafroller StationπŸ–ˆ
51 Pavonia PlatformπŸ–ˆ

--- Northern (Bembecia) branch line
From Tussock to Bembecia
60 Tussock RailyardπŸ–ˆ
VRC FreightyardπŸ–ˆ
Hooktip Grand CentralπŸ–ˆ
Bembecia Heights SLRR Rezz ZoneπŸ–ˆ

--- Great Northern Atoll branch suggested
From Spangle to Yucca
70 Spectacle yardπŸ–ˆ
71 BurnottπŸ–ˆ (not realised)
72 Yucca end stationπŸ–ˆ

Other Railway initiatives

There are several other gauge railroads in SL and private group initiatives, some on private land, some on Linden land.
This is an alphabetic list of some examples. The different systems are not necessarily compatible with SLRR standards. Another list with all railway sysyems can be found at Second Life Geography, transportation chapter.

Technical Data

The rail measurement data is too complex to fit into this paragraph, so a separated article was created:

Second Life Railroad: Technical Data


Diverse measurements showed that Heterocera is the most populated continent. It has less abandoned land and less Unused Land then the other two high populated continents, Zindra and Sansara. There is a strong corelation between infrastructure and population density. This is clearly visible in South West of Heterocera, where, after the death of West Atoll Railroad, many residents abandoned their land and moved away.

Many residents commented that Heterocera is their favorite continent [1] for its railway network, diverse Geography (see Mountains Of Heterocera and Heterocera Inner Waters) and Great Wall.


The above information was compiled by many SL Residents as well as during interviews with Lindens and their alts.

Track grades

Here are the maximum grade/inclines recorded on the different SLRR branches:

Due to the nature of virtual railroads in SecondLife, grades will naturally be much steeper than what would be considered realistic values.

  • SLRR Main line: 19.52% (11.05Β°)
  • Maritime line: 15.6% (8.91Β°)
  • East line: 12.31% (7.02Β°)
  • North coast line: 16.7% (9.53Β°)
  • Mountain line: 10.54% (6.02Β°)
  • Northern (Bembecia)line: 24.9% (14.02Β°)
  • Great northern atoll line: 17.75% (10.07Β°)
  • Great SL Railway: 5.4% (3.10Β°)


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